Nutridiet: Scandinavia’s number one weight loss solution launches in the UAE

March 26, 2014 10:25 am

Swedish Health, a Dubai based company which offers premium health related consumer products, is pleased to announce the launch of its Nutridiet Shakes in the UAE. Established in Norway in 1989 by Doctor Lars H. Hoie, Nutridiet is the number one weight loss brand in Sweden, Norway and Finland. In 2012, one and a half million people tried the weight loss program in Sweden alone. Nutridiet is now available in prominent health and wellness retailers across the UAE, including Holland & Barrett, Bin Sina and Boots.

Nutridiet is amongst the most clinically proven weight loss and weight maintenance products in the world, having taken part in over 22 clinical studies carried out by Scandinavian university hospitals. Each of these studies endorses Nutridiet as a safe and guaranteed aid for weight reduction for over weight and obese individuals, as well as a way to prevent conditions such as Diabetes Type II and cardiovascular diseases.

Based on high quality soy protein, the tasty meal replacement shakes offer an option of three weight loss programmes depending on the individual’s goals. Participants can substitute a number, or all of their meals with a shake that contains just 110 calories, dependant on their weight loss goals and time frame. Presented in the form of a sachet, the Nutridiet Shakes are available in a number of appetizing flavours including strawberry, chocolate, forest fruit with the launch of vanilla later this year.

The special composition and nutritional make-up of the shakes will reduce hunger cravings and ensure that muscle mass is retained during weight loss. Ideal for those who slim down for the summer months, clients can expect to lose up to two kilograms per week when the program is followed properly. Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner, by replacing all or some meals, customers can reduce weight safely and effectively.

To achieve the optimal dieting program, Nutridiet’s team of expert nutritionists are on hand to help clients structure eating routines and promote a balanced, healthy lifestyle, offering practical tips such as drinking enough water and curbing cravings with low-cal vegetable sticks.

CEO of Nutridiet, Peter Ekstedt said: “We are delighted to bring Nutridiet to the UAE. There is a real need for a clinically sound solution to obesity issues in the world’s fifth most obese nation in the world. The meal replacement concept is still new to this market, and Nutridiet is the first thoroughly cliniclal tested product of its kind to enter the UAE marketplace and is ideally placed to benefit overweight individuals and thus help tackle rising obesity rates in a safe and effective way.”

Marianna Wisden | Ed Rowell
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