Ocean Spray makes a splash across the GCC

May 22, 2014 11:40 am

Ocean Spray has officially launched its vast range of delicious and nutritious juice drinks in the GCC. The cool, crisp and refreshing products are bursting with natural fruity flavours and jam-packed with beneficial cranberry properties such as antioxidants, and perfect for the high juice consumption habits of the GCC population.

These revitalising juices from Ocean Spray come in a whole host of fun flavours that tantalize the taste buds and offer something for every palette to enjoy morning, noon and night.

As a co-operative of farmers for over 80 years, Ocean Spray knows a thing or two about growing fine fruit. To this day the cranberry crop is nurtured and harvested so only the best berries make it into Ocean Spray® brand juices and juice drinks.

Cranberries contain powerful nutrients that cleanse and purify your body. They have one of the highest levels of antioxidant activity of many commonly consumed fruits including strawberries, plums and red grapes. The vitamin C in Ocean Spray Cranberry Classic juice drink can help your immune system function normally, reduce tiredness and fatigue and protect cells from oxidative stress which is good news to consumers everywhere.

In addition to its Cranberry Classic juice drink, Ocean Spray produces many other fruity drinks including an original blend of Cran•Pomegranate juice drink, and Cranberry & Raspberry juice drink, as well as low calorie options with only five calories per 250ml carton. These come in convenient home consumption multi-serve packs as well as a variety of convenient on the go packs and are available at shops across the region. A number of sumptuous mocktails also use Ocean Spray juice drinks as a base, such as the Coconut Crush® made with crushed watermelon, Ocean Spray® Diet Cranberry Classic juice drink and fresh coconut water and garnished with a slice of lime.

Juice consumption in this region has grown significantly as regular juice drinkers in Lebanon, UAE and Saudi Arabia are becoming more inclined to drink cranberry juice with 97% having said they would consider drinking cranberry juice over other flavours, according to the October 2013 Fruit Juice Usage and Attitudes MENA Research of Ocean Spray products.

Drawing from this study and reflecting on the official launch of Ocean Spray brand products in the GCC, Tara Levine, Managing Director – Europe, Middle East & Africa Ocean Spray International Services (US) Ltd, comments: “We are very excited to bring Ocean Spray® brand products to the GCC where we believe people will be very receptive to the brand, especially in the UAE. This multi-cultural society enjoys an eating out lifestyle and at the same time is becoming more and more health conscious. The great thing about our juice drinks, and in particular Ocean Spray® Cranberry Classic® juice drink, is that it offers a uniquely rich taste that is both refreshing, satisfying and revitalising.”

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