Oman Road Safety Association in partnership with Shell Oman Marketing launches five short animated films with road safety messages

January 30, 2014 11:57 am

Oman Road Safety Association in partnership with Shell Oman Marketing has launched five short animated films with road safety messages directed to youth on 29 January 2014 in the association’s premises in Al Athaiba. This project came up recognising the need for a holistic educational approach to influencing the behaviour of community members especially the young. Dr. Wahid Ali Al Kharusi, Chairman of Oman Road Safety Association, and number of association’s board members, officials from Shell Oman Marketing were present at the launch.

These films on road safety have been developed by a professional company and are to be showed in cinema theatres, on TV and through uploading them on social media. The films are addressing road safety topics of the importance of seatbelts, child restraints, speed management, road safety tips for children, and fatigue. The objective of creating this road safety AV is to increase road safety awareness of people living in Oman by involving community with a view to reduce road crashes and its negative effects.

On the occasion, Dr. Wahid Ali Al Kharusi, Chairman of Oman Road Safety Association, commented saying: “We are delighted to partner up with Shell Oman Marketing in this great project. Youth are very essential target group in road safety and approaching them with the right message and channel is very critical. The idea of the short films is wonderful and I would like to thank Shell Oman Marketing and the team behind this project from both organisations for all their efforts’.

Mohammed Al Farsi, General Manager – External Affairs at Shell Oman Marketing, commented saying: “We are delighted to partner up with Oman Road Safety Association. Our partnership is a strategic one as road safety is one of Shell Oman’s main focus areas. We are looking forward to a fruitful partnership in number of activities planned for 2014 between both parties.”

Shaima Murtadha Al Lawati, Chief Executive Officer of Oman Road Safety Association, said: “The idea of this project is to develop a five one and half minute long animated films carrying road safety messages targeting mainly the youth aged from 18 to 35 years old but with indirect effect on parents, siblings, grandparents, community and general public. We identified the films topics, developed scenarios and wrote script and storyboard tackling issues of road safety in Oman. We took different approach where we tried showing advantages and risks involved in any action the driver or a passenger takes to ensure effective communication of required messages through the visual direction of the films.”

Oman Road Safety Association is the first and only registered non-governmental road safety organisation established under the Ministry of Social Development on 15 March 2010 by Ministerial Degree Number 31/ 2010. Oman Road Safety Association’s vision is to make the roads of The Sultanate of Oman safer for all users. The mission is to lead the nation’s efforts in reducing road accidents and in minimising the fatalities, injuries, disabilities and post-crash suffering. Our activities involve supporting and coordinating road safety interventions, advocacy and raising awareness, capacity building for road safety, knowledge and good practice sharing, supporting research in the field of road safety, carrying out sustainable projects on road safety in partnership with number of other stakeholders, working with international road safety related organisations especially the United Nations (UN), creating a holistic approach to post crash care, and engaging communities.

It is worth mentioning that Shell Oman Marketing activities in Oman started in 1958. The company provides premium packages of products and services for motorists, airlines and ships include fuel and lubricants, as the company has a network of 159 stations in strategic locations throughout the Sultanate. Shell Oman Marketing actively contributes towards social investment, and through various events and activities that target different segments of society. The company focuses mainly on road safety, environment and activities that promote for tourism in the Sultanate.

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