Omani Products Expo concludes on high note in Salalah

August 31, 2014 11:53 am

The six-day Omani Products Exhibition at Lulu Hypermarket in Salalah concluded on Saturday, marking a significant turnout from the visitors to Dhofar Governorate.

Organised by the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates (PEIE), the Omani Products Exhibition came as part of the national campaign for promoting locally manufactured products “Omani 2014” and was held in line with Salalah Tourism Festival 2014.

Hamood Al Balushi, Director of Omani Products Department at PEIE and member of coordination committee for joint external Omani products exhibitions, affirmed, “The exhibition confirmed a continuous collaboration between PEIE and commercial centres in the Sultanate.”

“PEIE will continue to organise mobile exhibitions for Omani products in various schools in the Sultanate according to the MoU that was signed between PEIE and Ministry of Education, which is aimed at disseminating awareness on the importance of purchasing locally manufactured products among the school communities. Besides, it should be noted that the third Omani Products Expo (OPEX) will be held in Dubai, UAE, during the period from 14 to 16 September,” Al Balushi informed.

Visitors to the Omani Products Exhibition at Lulu Hypermarket in Salalah hailed the excellent quality maintained by the displayed Omani products. Ali Al Shommari from Kuwait commented, “It is evident that the Government of Oman holds a great importance on the locally manufactured products. Similar exhibitions play a noteworthy role in promoting the products. In fact, I have been to several countries but have not seen government entities organising and supervising exhibitions in such an impressive way.”

John from the USA said, “From what I have seen and tasted at the expo, I can admit that the Omani products have the capabilities to compete with the imported products. I believe that it is time for factories and companies to increase their productions and enhance the promotion process locally and abroad.”

Essam Aldeen from Egypt believes that local products are always far better than imported ones. “Khareef season is the best time to host an exhibition in order to attract the consumers from all over the world and particularly those from the Arab countries and the neighbouring ones. In addition to the excellent quality, I have also noticed that the prices of Omani products are suitable compared to the imported products,” Essam pointed out.

The series of Omani Products Exhibitions seek to promote locally-manufactured products, underscore the competent capabilities of the products to compete locally and internationally, encourage consumers both individuals and organisations to purchase local products and services, and to emphasise the importance of buying Omani products and its direct contribution to the national economy.

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