Omasco wins the race in ‘National Managers Competition ‘

August 4, 2014 2:02 pm

Omasco, Honda’s authorized distributor in Oman, has been awarded top honours in the recent ‘National Managers Competition’ which saw a tough competition from other distributors in the region. The annual competition, which is in its second year, honours the distributor with the best customer service procedures as well as the distributor who shows the greatest efficiency in gaining optimum profit and business practices.

The Omasco team worked hard in designing a well thought out presentation to showcase our much strength in the areas Sales, Service and Spares parts. All relevant departments worked in partnership to formulate the presentation which outlined the company’s strategic plan in creating the best practices to attract customers and maximize profit.

Speaking about the award, Omasco spokesperson commented, “We are glad to win the award and it is a feather in our cap. We provide the best services to our customers and we have a very strong internal communication network between all of our departments, including sales, service and spare parts. This award is a testament to our team and its success.’

Omasco is proud to always give the best to its customers and to meet the challenges of the business environment in which it operates. Awards such as the ‘National Managers Competition’ reinforces Omasco’s commitment to delivering the best quality products and highest customer service possible.