Online UAE Universities announces 2,400 scholarship opportunities in Online MBA Program for UAE

August 30, 2014 10:06 am

In part with its mission to ensure the access of high quality education to every student so that each may satisfy their professional and career ambitions, OUU recently announced its initiative to give 2,400 scholarships to students for Online MBA Programs in the UAE. This initiative was launched with an aim to encourage enrollments for online MBA programs offered by leading online universities in the UAE as well as motivate aspiring professionals to take the next step in their academic career.

So far, nearly 1,150 students have been able to benefit from this project and have thus gone on to achieve all their academic and professional goals, ultimately helping them to start a successful career in the subject field of their choice. “Our goal has and always will be to support the academic objectives of students, no matter where they come from”, explains Kareema Waseem, Public Relations Director for OUU. “A lot of students the world over face major difficulty when it comes to financing their education. We are providing them with an opportunity to do just that.” Further, these scholarships have been drawn from a fund dedicated towards helping students achieve their academic goals and attain quality higher education. This fund has been created by leading regulatory institutes in the field of online education. “We have been in coordination with members from a number of top accreditation agencies and regulatory authorities for the purpose of gathering money for the establishment of this fund as we figured that it was the best way we could promote online education, specifically online MBA”, stated Kareema. “It is through the support of such institutions that we have been able to provide so many scholarships to students.”

Online UAE Universities (OUU) prides itself on being one of the few online education portals in the UAE that offer students a platform through which they can gain access to top online universities in the region. A lot of the academic programs provided through OUU undergo a stringent evaluation procedure whereby they are assessed against certain relevant criteria or standards in order to ensure that students are provided degree, diploma and certificate programs catering to their needs and preferences. Through this proposal, OUU further substantiates its claim of providing high quality, comprehensive and well-rounded academic programs for students looking to enhance the value of their academic profiles.

Faruk Al Khairy
Public Relations
Online UAE Universities