Organic meets food safety at Qout Market this month

February 10, 2014 11:23 am

“Safe Food, Safe Family”, a food safety educational program set forth by Al Yasra Foods, interacted and introduced food safety to patrons of the February edition of Qout Market, a community-based farmers market at Arraya Center.

“Safe Food, Safe Family” nutritionist and spokesperson Dana Ghareeb, said, “People are more aware of what they eat today compared to ten years ago, and that is a great step towards improving the health and well-being of our country. However, food safety is an aspect that most people are not exposed to and we definitely want to introduce the topic to the younger crowd as well. In addition to speaking to patrons about the basics of food safety, our booth featured an area whereby patrons could learn how to make their own safe detergent by using vinegar and water. There is speculation on the safety levels of chlorine bleach solutions, so this is a great way to make an effective and safe cleaning solution at home.”

To make your own detergent at home, you should mix ¼ parts of vinegar to ¾ parts of water. If you find the smell of the vinegar too strong, then feel free to add one or two drops of essential oils of your choosing to enhance the smell”.

Qout Market co-organizer, Budour Al-Qassar, stated,” One of the objectives in hosting the market is to educate the community on food-related topics and that includes food safety. We always encourage the education behind food, and not just the consumption of it. Teaching the patrons of Qout Market on food safety is a great step in educating others on eliminating the potential risk of food poisoning.”

As part of Al Yasra Food’s ongoing commitment to promoting food safety and health in Kuwait, “Safe Food, Safe Family” will be hosting events at various locations across Kuwait over the next three months. The events will be open to the general public, showcasing the most important aspects of food safety.

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