Over 150 UK companies travel to Arab Health 2014

January 30, 2014 6:15 am

At Arab Health 2014 ABHI will give visitors a glimpse of the UK’s vibrant healthcare and life sciences landscape. The UK hosts the world’s largest single healthcare system, supported by a vibrant and thriving medical technology industry that employs over 76,000 people across 3000 companies with a combined turnover of £16bn.

At Arab Health 2014 ABHI will bring together some of the UK’s leading clinicians to demonstrate cutting edge technology. The UK pavilion will provide visitors with an opportunity to experience the strength of the UK healthcare system- world class clinicians, institutions and training courses and the technology that supports them.

The ABHI base at Arab health this year will be bigger than ever incorporating a seminar area, an open plan meeting and breakout area and at its core a replica theatre. The ABHI’s program will be just as dynamic and innovative as its new home. The large display will focus attention on the very best of UK medical technology while the seminar program explores just some of the current opportunities related to the medical technology sector in the UK. The Simulated Surgery Program will for the first time show case technology in use while highlighting the clinicians and institutions that use it.

ABHI Chief Executive, Peter Ellingworth, said, “As an industry with over 3000 companies, the ability to access international markets is of upmost important for the UK medical device industry. The Middle East represents a huge target market for UK manufacturers and trade shows such as Arab Health provide a perfect opportunity to build contacts in the region. I am delighted to have so many UK manufacturers exhibiting through the UK pavilion, this highlights the strength of the sector in the UK. This year ABHI are working hard to ensure we provide UK companies with the best possible platform to show off their products. The product showcase, alongside the Simulated Surgery Programme offer a wonderful insight into the technology available from manufacturers, as well as a glimpse of the skills and expertise of UK healthcare professionals. ”

Health Minister Lord Howe said, “We want to empower innovative British manufacturers to increase exports and have even more success in international markets. Shows such as Arab Health provide a fantastic opportunity for the UK to showcase the best of their innovation to growing markets across the Middle East. The UK Pavilion, and product displays and demonstrations hosted by ABHI, are a fantastic showcase of the innovative technology and skills that we have in the UK.”

Surgeon and member of the House of Lords, Lord Kakkar said, “I am delighted to participate in the Arab Health 2014. The products showcase, hosted by ABHI for international visitors presents the best of what is available from the medical technology industry. The showcase comes alongside the Simulated Surgery Programme providing delegates with the opportunity to witness first-hand the use of sophisticated operating theatre technology. The life sciences sector represents a vital part of the UK economy, strongly supported by a vibrant ecosystem of Universities, SMEs and Industry, backed by focused government initiatives. Arab Health 2014 provides a wonderful opportunity to highlight the best of British Innovation and skills.”

George Kennedy CBE – ABHI President “Building strong relationships with key markets across the Middle East is critical to the future strength of the UK medical device industry. I spent many years doing business in the region and learnt first hand how important it is to companies. The Arab Health Exhibition provides a gateway to the region and supports hundred of UK companies to explore the opportunities on offer.”

“This is why ABHI are ensuring a high profile and eye catching presence through Simulated Surgery Programme. By showcasing the best of what the UK has to offer in both healthcare delivery, skills and training and technology the pavilion will provide visitors with a unique overview of the real strength of the UK in both healthcare delivery and healthcare technology.”