Partyquire – your first party venue partner in UAE

August 19, 2014 11:52 am

Partyquire, a startup website aims to help UAE locals & expats to find party & event venues online, announced the pre-launch of their website that coordinates with the Hotel, Restaurant, Resorts & Private Villas to easily reach out the community and showcase their venues along with their packages.

Traditional event organizing requires the person to visit the ideal venue one by one or inquire in their respective website, usually it waste time, effort and can be really stressful. Partyquire eliminates this road block by offering a feature where the venue owner can list their packages, prices and special offers while letting the venue seeker easily communicate, request a quote and compare all at once.

As part of its pre-launch, the team conduct a survey over expats and local residents in Abu Dhabi, hence confirmed the problem that they are trying to resolve. When asked about the preferred venues for events or parties, Hotel remains on top of the list scoring, 62.50% over the second option of Resorts, 35%, followed by Restaurant, scoring 32.50%. While price played as the highest factor that people consider (70%), over the Location & Ambience which both scores 57.50% when choosing the venue for their parties. Furthermore, when they were asked about the level of difficulty an average of 2.63 resulted as “Moderately Hard.”

Partyquire started their pre-launch in Abu Dhabi area for the time being to test out their product but soon to welcome venues from other emirates.

“Apparently as we are developing Partyquire services, we are still open for more feature additions and improvement to stabilize our website and gave our customer and clients a stress free experience.” said Irish Perez, Team of Partyquire.

“We are working efficiently to monitor the viability of our services, yet we fully believed that UAE is ready and open for an innovative way of communication.”