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PepsiCo-Jordan supports Arab Network for Civic Education – ANHRE – ‘Yes We Can’ Project

June 29, 2014 3:34 pm

PepsiCo-Jordan has participated in the Assessment Conference organized by Arab Network for Civic Education – ANHRE. Held on Monday 16 June, 2014, at Geneva Hotel in Amman, the Conference aimed to assess the ‘Yes We Can’ project which was launched by ANHRE during February 2013 to promote good citizenship among university students. The project continued until the end of June 2014 and encompassed five public Jordanian universities.

Over the course of the ‘Yes We Can’ project, students carried out several initiatives in their respective universities, in line with efforts to spread respect of human rights, foster democratic citizenship and deepen students’ involvement in their universities. The universities covered by the project included: The University of Jordan, Hashemite University, Al-Balqa’ Applied University, Jordan University of Science & Technology, and Tafila Technical University. As part of its support, PepsiCo-Jordan donated 60 recycling bins and installed 45 wooden benches in various areas of Al-Balqa’ Applied University in order to improve the university campus.

During the Conference, PepsiCo-Jordan Public Relations Manager Mohammad Arabiyat spoke about the Company’s key CSR programs and received an honorary trophy on behalf of PepsiCo-Jordan. “Our support corresponds with PepsiCo-Jordan’s CSR programs geared towards promoting good citizenship and human rights, subsequently fostering a developed local community capable of creating a better future for upcoming generations. I would like to take this opportunity to thank ANHRE for presenting us with the chance to be a part of this great project.”

In turn, ANHRE Executive Director Fotouh Younes commented, “We would like to express our gratitude to PepsiCo-Jordan for supporting the ‘Yes We Can’ project. The Company’s heightened sense of responsibility towards society reaffirms its standing as a leading national organization committed to advancing the communities in which it operates.”

The Conference featured presentations on several successful initiatives implemented during the project. At the conclusion of the Conference, the participating initiatives and universities were recognized in the presence of a group of Deans and Heads of Student Affairs.

ANHRE is an independent non-governmental and non-profit organization headquartered in the Jordanian capital. ANHRE aims to unite efforts and coordinate with various civil society institutions concerned with human rights and citizenship education to influence policies, procedures, and both formal and non-formal regulations in order to ensure the adoption of legislations that respect human rights and dignity.

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