Pharmacy College makes it presence felt at DUPHAT 2014 as students win accolades

March 16, 2014 3:21 pm

As thousands of scientists, researchers and experts came together at DUPHAT 2014 the College of Pharmacy at Ajman University left an impression on the visitors by its active participation. Prof. Abdel Azeem Ahmed, College Dean, highlighted the importance of the College’s participation at such international conferences as it facilitates exchange of evidence based information, expertise and experience amongst peers.

AUST pharmacy college participation at the conference included a college stand in the exhibition and student participation through 7 professional posters, 2 students poster, 3 oral professional presentation and 3 oral student presentation.

In a study considered as the first of its kind to be conducted in the U.A.E., the need to activate the role of the pharmacist as a key member of the health care system was stated by Dr. Rana Mohammed Ghazal who holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Pharmacy from Ajman University. The researcher highlighted the significance of the pharmaceutical care practice in optimizing patient outcomes and decrease health care cost. She also defined the key obstacles faced by pharmacists in all the Emirates while providing advanced health care services to the patients. The study has undergone evaluation in accordance with global standards in the Dubai International Exhibition and Conference for Pharmaceutical and Technology (DUPHAT) and secured the fourth place in the top ten professional studies, selected from among 168 studies presented in the DUPHAT Conference.

Dr. Rana concluded that there are several barriers which prevent full application of pharmaceutical care services, notably the increased workload and its impact on the availability of sufficient time to provide an integrated treatment plan with the physician in order to control and monitor patients’ health problems. The researcher offers recommendations to the Ministry of Health to implement strategies that will raise the level of professionalism in the field of pharmaceutical practices.

Dr. Rana presented her findings to the promising pharmacy generation to further conduct more scientific researches. She thanked the study supervisors: Prof. Najeeb Hassan, Dr. Ola Ghaleb Al Ahdab and the dean of pharmacy at Ajman University for their efforts in supporting the research. The researcher also extended her appreciation to the efforts of the United Arab Emirates in providing sophisticated environments that support scientific research.

Students from the College of Pharmacy – Fujairah Campus, achieved 3rd and 12th positions among the 200 participants in the student poster competition. Dr. Alaa Farajallah was selected to deliver a professional oral presentation to hundreds of researchers from all over the world. She presented her unique master’s research which is the first of its kind in UAE about the relationship between hormone Gerinlen and diabetes.

Another research for undergraduate students was covered by local and international newspapers and was conducted by Suha, Maryam and Asmaa. Under the supervision of Dr. Mohammed Waseem Islam, the three students delivered 2 posters and 2 lectures about their research. Their work was evaluated by experts and researchers as being of high quality and with professional methodology, and deemed to be worthy of a master’s level research.

Other researches presented included a household pilot survey to assess the prescription of unused “leftover” medication in our homes. It also assessed the attitude and practices of patient’s utilization of these drugs. In the poster section, a research conducted by undergraduate Intemaa Rayan was also presented. It dealt with the relation of hormones and human happiness.