Philips empowers young Saudi female talent

April 7, 2014 4:50 pm

Philips recently participated in ‘Glowork’, the largest female career fair in Saudi Arabia, in an effort to expand its engagement with future female leaders and empower them to consider careers in the professional work force of the Kingdom.

At the event, Philips organized a series of workshops to highlight the rewarding career opportunities available for talented Saudi female students across its businesses, as well as offer specialized insights on enhancing their career opportunities.

Munnera Aldakheel, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Philips, Saudi Arabia said,” Philips is committed to supporting young Saudi talent and we will leverage every opportunity that will allow us to continuously engage with them. We have taken several initiatives to train and recruit local talent in various roles across Philips.”

“We would also like to thank ‘Glowork’ for holding such a great event and providing us with a chance to try and position ourselves as the future employer of choice for local talent in the Kingdom,” she/he added.

Khalid Alkhudair, A Founder and CEO of ‘Glowork’, said: “We are delighted to have Philips participating at ‘Glowork’ event. As a leading e-portal career gateway dedicated to match women with jobs by creating opportunities in sectors previously inaccessible to females, it has put over 3,000 women in the workplace, and found work-from-home jobs for 500 women.”

Philips is a highly diverse workforce of 100 nationalities from 32 countries, with 30% women, believing that diversity is the key to a propel business growth engines and sustain momentum. Multifaceted teams of employees with a broad range of skills, experience and qualifications promote the wealth of ideas at the company and strengthen its power of innovation.

The Career Fair attracted more than 22,000 graduate students from various majors and provided a professional platform where they could be in direct contact with future employers while exploring recruitment and training opportunities. It was held on April 6-8 at AlFaisaliyah Hotel, Riyadh.

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