Pink Caravan has been successful in clearing myths surrounding breast cancer

March 2, 2014 9:49 am

Hundreds of people from across the Emirates have come forward to make use of free breast cancer screenings and checkups being provided by the Pink Caravan’s ongoing screenings and awareness campaign.

Aisha, one of the beneficiaries of the campaign, said, “We have been hearing a lot about this campaign in the media and the information has helped us understand the importance of early breast cancer detection. I followed the campaign last year and was waiting for its medical clinics this year. We had already found out the location and time when screenings will be provided in our area.”

The campaign provides free screening tests for early breast cancer detection and raises public awareness on the importance of early detection and how to conduct self- breast examination regularly. The campaign – which is also providing free blood and osteoporosis tests – is supported by a number of partners that significantly contribute to gathering momentum for the campaign.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Sawsan Al Madhi, Secretary General of the Friends of Cancer Patients society (FoCP) and Head of Pink Caravan’s Medical and Awareness Committee, said, “Prevention is better than cure, therefore regular breast cancer screenings is the best way to control breast cancer. With 95% of breast cancer cases curable upon early detection, we cannot afford to underestimate the need for early testing. This is exactly the message we aim to deliver. We are trying to encourage both women and men to apply and benefit from our free services across various locations in the country.”

Dr Al Madhi expressed her gratitude to the entities who partnered with Pink Caravan’s screening and awareness campaign to make it a success. She added, “We want to extend a heartfelt thanks to our partners for their all-out support. The response that we received from the public about this campaign has been very encouraging.”

Fatima, an Emirati woman who came for her free breast cancer check-up at Sha’am Hospital, said, “The Pink Caravan offers a very important medical service. We had been waiting for the campaign to come to our area. There was a time that breast cancer check-ups were unheard of, but now, more and more women and even men, are coming forward to get themselves tested for breast cancer. We hope the awareness campaign will extend for more days to benefit a larger number of people.”

Another woman, Latifa, an expatriate, who came for free breast cancer screening for the second time during the past 4 years of the Pink Caravan campaign, said, “We had initially heard about this campaign and its medical services from friends. Outreach is very important in this regard, particularly as there are strongly held misconceptions about breast cancer that cannot be alleviated without proper awareness.”

Pink Caravan’s screenings and awareness campaign was supported by Ministry of Health, Dubai Municipality, Dubai Health Authority, International Osteoporosis Foundation, Dr Nutrition, Amani Pads, Al Mansouri Health Products, Zayed Military Hospital, Al Mufaraq Hospital, Ras Al Khaimah Healthcare Centre, Mother and Child Care Medical Centre in Sharjah, the Emirates Transport Authority, Lami Company and Emirates Nursing Association which provided three nurses to accompany the campaign.

Women and men who came for their free screenings expressed their gratitude for the efforts being made in the healthcare sector by Ministry of Health and healthcare organizations in the Emirates. They thanked the Pink Caravan team and people in charge of the programs that aim to promote healthcare in the country.


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