Pricing solutions required for Health insurance industry

August 20, 2014 2:27 am

The required health care cover for all citizens in Dubai has come into effect in its initial point. Though it has some way to go in covering all categories of employees, based on the slab structure of companies vis-à-vis their employee strength, the most important aspect of this issue is the viability for insurance companies to elasticise their various packages and premiums. This degree of versatility in insurance coverage is what will drive the effectiveness of the coverage-for-all objective of the Dubai government, Gulf News reported. Given that there are companies that employ in great numbers and others who have less than a 100 staff, the varying costs of insurance need to be factored in for all stakeholders. This is an aspect the insurance industry is considering from all angles as it formulates its pricing strategy. Once the coverage gathers mass and more people enter the fray, it will become clear to everyone how these strategies must be devised so as to cover all.