PSUT to host second Arab-Euro Conference on Higher Education

June 11, 2014 2:45 pm

The Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT) hosted the second Arab-Euro Conference on Higher Education on Tuesday, with around 200 presidents of Arab and European universities expected to attend.

Organised by the Association of Arab Universities (AAU), the European University Association (EUA) and PSUT, the conference seeks to promote a sustainable process of dialogue, exchange of knowledge and increased cooperation between Arab and European universities.

The first conference was held in Barcelona, Spain.

HRH Princess Sumaya Bint Al Hassan, who chairs the PSUT’s Board of Trustees, said the university – by hosting this year’s conference – is playing its part in promoting closer cooperation, research and exchange between Arab and European higher education institutions to graduate global citizens.

“In an increasingly globalised world, Arab higher education institutions cannot go on without working together and reaching out to their European counterparts to graduate citizens of the world,” Princess Sumaya said. “Promoting student and staff exchange and joint research are a must for universities that seek to become active engines of change,” she added.

PSUT President Issa Batarseh said the university has become a meeting point for regional and international higher education institutions as part of its goal to promote academic cooperation and exchange.

“It is a pleasure and honour for us at PSUT to host this important conference. Arab universities must learn from each other and from their European counterparts to play an active part in building the future of the region and the world,” he said.

The conference, held in coordination with the University of Barcelona, is aimed at encouraging Arab and European university leaders to rethink the role of the university in the current context of internationalisation and to examine the introduction of new functions to tackle socio-economic challenges in the Arab, Euro and Arab-Euro contexts. Commenting on the conference, AAU Secretary General Sultan Abu Orabi stressed the importance of benefiting from such events to enhance the quality of education and research at Arab universities.

“The previous conference proved successful, with the signing of various agreements. We expect this conference to be equally successful,” Abu Orabi added.

EUA President Maria Helena Nazaré, said, “It is important to hold the second conference in an Arab country.” “Since we held the first edition in a European country, it is important to take the conversation to the other side of the equation,” she noted.

The two-day event (June 10-11, 2014) includes four panel discussions, during which 35 academic specialists will be speaking. Around 245 participants from 14 Arab and European universities are taking part in the conference.

The conference’s proceedings are live-streamed on