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Qaderoon aims for best work environment for persons with disability

March 1, 2014 4:44 pm

The ‘Qaderoon’ team is currently finalizing details for the official network launching, after months of planning and preparation. ‘Qaderoon’ uses global and local best practices to offer scientific and practical guidance to employers to facilitate and maintain a compliant work environment for persons with disability.

Mr. Amr Mohamed Khashoggi, ‘Qaderoon’ Chairman, explained, “The set goals for the “Qaderoon” network activation are based on educating and encouraging employers to include persons with disability in the workforce by creating an appropriate atmosphere with supporting structures and platforms within Human Resources departments.”

‘Qaderoon’, in coordination with multiple stakeholders including governmental entities, private sectors and not-for-profit organizations, are to engage in training courses with employers on how to develop favorable working environments with corresponding company policies and procedures.

Mr. Fahad A. Abualnasr, General Manager of ‘Qaderoon'”, said, “Qaderoon seeks to shed light on persons with disability by developing HR policies and coordinate with employers to implement local and international best practices.”

Abualnasr, emphasizing his confidence in the future success of ‘Qaderoon’, noted,” The Saudi society drives its principles from Islam, which urges the public to achieve social solidarity. Furthermore, “Qaderoon” aims to change the current perception that persons with disability require kindness and charity; it is essential to support and promote their ability to become productive members of the workforce.”