QAPCO is hosting a Recruitment and Scholarship Day at Al Sharq Village Hotel on Sunday the 22nd of June

June 17, 2014 11:21 am

As part of its ongoing strategy to recruit talented Qatari nationals, Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO) Q.S.C., one of the leading petrochemical powerhouses in the region and a pioneer in petrochemical production, is organizing it’s first ever QAPCO Open Day, dedicated to recruitement and scholarships, to be held on Sunday 22nd June 2014 at the Al Sharq Village & Spa Hotel.

Held under the slogan “We want you with us”, the event is expected to attract hundred of people who are looking to join the Petrochemical giant either as a scholarship student or directly as an employee. Those who attend will have the opportunity to speak directly to experienced Human Resources staff as well as being interviewed by relevant Technical Department Managers.

To ensure that the Open Day will provide information on all the latest opportunities for students in Qatar, QAPCO has arranged for representatives from Qatar University and Texas A&M at Qatar to be present on site as well to offer advice on the high quality academic programs available at these esteemed Universities. Plus the Ministry of Labor has agreed to honor the event and will also be in attendance with a team of consultants to offer advice and support to all visitors.

Dr. Mohammed Yousef Al Mulla, QAPCO’s Vice Chairman & CEO stated “I am very pleased that we are reaching out to the younger generation of Qataris by organizing this special QAPCO Open Day dedicated to recruitment and scholarships. We are looking forward to welcoming all interested parties to visit us to learn more about the many and varied career opportunities currently available within QAPCO. We are committed to supporting the Qatar National Vision 2030 and believe that Qatarization is one of our key success factors. We have a passion for recruiting and developing local talent and we are very proud of what we have achieved over the past few years. However we will not rest on our achievements as QAPCO has ambitious plans for expansion.”

Dr. Al Mulla continued by saying, “At QAPCO we believe that our people determine our future and are our most valuable asset. In line with our commitment to human development, it is our role to offer exciting career paths that deliver stimulating challenges alongside world-class training and competitive remuneration, to prepare our talented youth to take over leadership roles in the company. We believe in shaping the leaders of tomorrow, who will build the future success of QAPCO and who will directly participate in the sustainable development of our sector, ensuring future growth and prosperity for our nation.”

Eng. Abdulla Naji, QAPCO’s Learning & Development Manager supported the comments of Dr. Al Mulla by saying, “QAPCO is fully committed to continue its drive to develop the young people of Qatar at all levels. From personal experience with QAPCO, the training and career development strategy is first class and offers academic as well as occupational paths. Our goal is to help Qatari nationals to make the most of the opportunities available within QAPCO, which will, I am sure, make a real difference to their lives.”

Since its inception in 1974, national leadership is one of the driving forces of QAPCO and gives the company its cultural identity. QAPCO registers a Qatarization rate of 30.2% and has received for four years in a row the prestigious Qatarization Crystal, which highlights the success of QAPCO’s Scholarship program and places emphasis on QAPCO’s impressive track record of recruitng, developing and retaining talent and investing in the education of the youth of Qatar.

Eng. Naji explained how the QAPCO Scholarship program works, “We continually work with the Education Sector in Qatar to provide the best scholarship program for young Qataris, both male and female. We balance the business requirements of QAPCO with the academic needs of the student and offer full financial support. When a young student decides he or she wishes to enroll in our program, they sign a contract that means they join QAPCO as a Scholarship Student and will have a target job position already planned for them. Once the term of the study is completed they will return from University to join QAPCO as a senior member of the staff and begin our award-winning LEAD Development program that will ensure that they use the academic theory learnt at University and develop this knowledge to encompass the practical competencies required to complete their job to a high standard.”

Eng. Naji continued, “We need to encourage and support fresh graduate students to be enrolled in our local universities such as Qatar University and Texas A&M at Qatar. Throughout the entire Scholarship program, we are there to offer 100% support for the students and whether they are studying in Qatar or abroad. My team of dedicated professionals will visit them and contact them on a regular basis to ensure that they are achieving their goals and that any potential issues are swiftly resolved. I do believe that we offer one of the best Scholarship programs in Qatar as we have an important number of students currently employed by QAPCO. At this QAPCO Open Day we aim to significantly increase this figure as our future expansion plans, as detailed by Dr. Al Mulla are ambitious and we require talented Qatari graduates to fill these strategic positions – especially in the Technical fields.”

As well as focusing on Scholarship students, QAPCO will also seek to recruit experienced Qatari professionals through its Direct Hire program. As one of the leading petrochemical companies in the world, with offices in both Doha and Mesaieed, QAPCO offers excellent and rewarding career opportunities in all fields such as Finance, IT and HR and welcome resumes from interested parties.

If you require any further information on this event then visit QAPCO on Sunday 22nd June 2014 at the Al Sharq Village & Spa Hotel from 9:00am to 08:00pm or contact
After the event, for one week, QAPCO will have a team of counselors in its Doha office on D-Ring road welcoming any student intersted in joining QAPCO on a Scholarship program or as a direct hire. The team will be available to collect CVs and to answer potential questions.