Qatalum’s Procurement receives CIPS certification

February 1, 2014 12:20 pm

Qatalum has received its CIPS Certification Award. The CIPS (Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply) Award was presented to Qatalum Procurement and Management by the CIPS Group CEO David Noble, accompanied by Ms Rebecca Fox, CIPS Middle East &North Africa GM, during an official award ceremony, which took place on the 28thof January 2014 at the Sharq Hotel.

Abdulla Jabbar, Procurement Manager of Qatalum, in line with Qatalum’s mission and as part of his vision for his department, wants Qatalum’s procurement function to be world-class in every area of its operations. Qatalum Procurement, therefore, undertook an improvement initiative to achieve CIPS certification, which will ensure that their procurement functions are operating in line with world best practices. Qatalum is the third Qatari organisation to achieve CIPS certification.

To achieve the “best in class” practices and processes in procurement activities, the CIPS Certification is assessed on two levels: Standard and Advanced Standard. Advanced Standard is further categorised into three levels, namely Silver, Gold, and Platinum dependent on the depth of demonstration of how advanced the system in place is. For all the levels, the pillars of excellence for demonstration remain the same, namely: Leadership and Organisation, Strategy, People, Processes and Systems (Sourcing), and Performance Management.

Qatalum Procurement underwent the Standard Certification assessment in the period of August to November 2013, the key objective of which was to “establish that the organisation has the fundamentals in place to operate an effective procurement and supply function”.

Abdulla Jabbar said, “We are delighted to achieve the Standard Certification ensuring that we are in line with the world’s best organisations in carrying out procurement activities. However, this is just the first step towards our ultimate goal of achieving the Platinum level.”

The Certification is valid for three years from the date of being awarded and, to ensure sustained best practices, an interim post-award assessment is carried out mid-way through the three years in order to maintain the Certification.

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