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Qatar Academy Al Wakra advises parents about impact of technology on children

May 24, 2014 2:53 pm

Qatar Academy Al Wakra (QA Al Wakra), a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, has hosted a workshop giving parents invaluable advice about the positive and negative impact of technology on their children.

The workshop, entitled ‘How Technology Impacts Our Children: The Good and the Bad’, provided a range of established guidance for parents of QA Al Wakra students.

The guidelines included monitoring how much time children spend looking at a computer screen, and being aware of the age ratings for video games in order to prevent children accessing games that are marketed for over-18s.

Shaza Ahmed, IT Teacher at QA Al Wakra, who presented with the support of a parent, Abdulmajed Al Hashmi, said: “We really encourage children to use technology – having no access is no longer an option. We want children to have all the tools available to compete in the areas of university and work, and to prepare them with all the 21st-century skills they will need for the future.

“However, technology has unlimited resources and there is both a good side and a bad side, which everyone should be aware of and take responsibility for.”

Shaza continued” “We want to make parents aware that with unlimited access to technology, there will be risks, and we want to emphasise they must monitor their children’s use of technology.”

The school regularly holds workshops during the day but the scheduling has meant many parents are unable to attend due to other commitments such as work.

The recent session about the impact of online content was the first in a series of evening events, which will all be based on topics relevant to parents and their children’s education and well-being.

Bedriyah Itani, Principal of QA Al Wakra, said: “The evening sessions will hopefully ensure more parents can attend. They will still cover topics which are important to parents and important for the school.

“The ultimate goal is for these sessions and discussions to have a positive impact on our students. They will raise awareness among parents on issues that are impacting their children and what they should do about them. We are a school that embraces technology.

“We have a vision of being a high-tech school and have implemented a strategic plan to achieve this. However, technology has to be used to enhance learning and our lives. This workshop raises awareness about the positive and negative aspects of technology so that parents can properly supervise and support their children at home.”

Maryam Al Hajri, Assistant Principal at QA Al Wakra, said, “It is important for children’s activities at home to be coherent with what they do in school therefore we need to synchronise our efforts with families as much as possible.”