Qatar Foundation celebrates Cultural Diversity at International Festival

April 19, 2014 4:45 pm

Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development is hosting a month-long International Cultural Festival at the Community and Recreation Center in Education City to celebrate international diversity.

The festivities, which are open to the public, have been underway for several weeks now and have seen more than 1,000 Qatar Foundation employees and community members engage in various arts and crafts workshops and live cooking demonstrations. The activities will culminate on Thursday, 24 April, with a grand finale at the AaQool Atrium in Qatar Foundation from 7.30pm.

Commenting on the cultural showcase, Rodha Al Saadi, Senior Community Services Supervisor at the Qatar Foundation Support Services Directorate, said, “Each week, the festival resprents a culture from a specific continent to give the community an opportunity to learn about the history, traditions and cuisines from around the world in celebration of Qatar Foundation’s multiculturalism and support of diversity.”

The festival comprises various arts and crafts workshops, such as traditional Gulf Bedouin ‘Sadou’ carpet weaving, and ‘Batoola’ making – a traditional golden face covering for Gulf women. Activities representing the continents of Asia, Europe and Latin America are also part of the celebrations of diversity at Qatar Foundation.

For Dominika Patzer from Poland, the International Cultural Festival was an opportunity for her family to expand their global knowledge. “This festival is such a wonderful initiative on Qatar Foundation’s part as it is a great opportunity for my family and I to learn more about different cultures and traditions from around the world, which is something I appreciate as a lifelong learner.”

Meanwhile, the festival also incorporates live cooking demonstrations, which end in a generous buffet prepared by executive chefs from top restaurants in Doha. Last week, participants were treated to Arabian treats of marinated grilled meat and chicken, as part of the Gulf cultural activities.

For Yara Aoude, a mother of two from Lebanon, the opportunity to learn how to cook and sample various cuisines has allowed her to broaden her children’s palate. “Qatar Foundation has given me the chance to cook a variety of different cuisines for my children, since I was able to learn from chefs who cook Thai, Japanese, Indian and Arabic,” she said. “My children are quite picky eaters, but they have really enjoyed the opportunity to taste the new dishes which I can now prepare for them at home.”

The International Culture Festival is part of Qatar Foundation’s ongoing commitment to fostering multiculturalism in Education City, Qatar and the rest of the world by disseminating cultural understanding, acceptance and tolerance within the global community.

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