Qatar: Major fall in prices of more than 280 medicines

September 4, 2014 8:40 am

Supreme Council of Health (SCH) recently instructions stated that a major fall in the prices of more than 280 medicines including several most sought-after items like aspirin and panadol is expected to come into force in Qatar from September 22, The Peninsula reported. Prices are expected to fall by five to more than 60%. This unprecedented decline is the result of a decision of the GCC countries to unify the prices of about 2,500 medicines in a phased manner. SCH officials had earlier indicated an imminent fall in the prices of several medicines in Qatar, in line with the GCC move. The Pharmacy and Drug Control Department at SCH has issued a circular to all the pharmacies and wholesale drug distributors informing about the decision. A list of more than 280 medicines showing their old and new prices has also been issued, along with the circular. The reduced prices will come into force on September 22, says the circular.