Qatargas supports Traffic Department to raise road safety awareness in community

July 21, 2014 1:17 pm

As part of the eighth annual Ramadan Road Safety Campaign organized by the Traffic Department with the support of Qatargas, several activities aimed at raising traffic awareness among local community were held at the Landmark Mall and Villaggio mall.

The activities included Kids’ Modern Traffic Village, awareness helpdesk, leaflets, kids color paint workshops, movie displays, video clips, educative theatre shows and traffic contests for the audience.

The Traffic Village aims at raising traffic awareness in the local community, especially among children and young people, by educating them on how to follow road safety rules and avoid misuse of vehicles.

The various activities start daily after Iftar and continue until the mall closes. The Modern Traffic Village is designed to suit various age groups. Kids’ cars were available for them to tour around the village following basic traffic rules. There were also various entertainment activities and games, like painting and coloring, in addition to educational activities highlighting techniques on how to cross roads safely, importance of wearing seat belt and paying attention to the road while driving.

The Traffic Theatre, which presents live shows prepared by a cast specialized in child psychology to ensure interaction, was also among the activities of the campaign. Parents enjoyed taking photos with their kids inside the village. The 3D Simulators also attracted many visitors. The Traffic Village also included driving competition using game cars for children and young men. All these factors led to attraction of a large number of families to the traffic village.

During the final week of the campaign, infant car seats will be distributed to parents of new-born babies at Hamad Hospital. Gifts will also be distributed to children who have been hospitalized as a result of traffic accidents and other patients at Hamad Hospital.

The Ramadan Road Safety Campaign, being organized for the eighth consecutive year, is an initiative by the Traffic Department and supported exclusively by Qatargas. The month-long campaign focuses on raising public awareness on road safety in an effort to considerably reduce the number of accidents and casualties on Qatar’s roads.

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