Raeford University join hands with Arab Women’s Association to empower women throughout the Gulf

August 24, 2014 3:50 pm

To ensure that women in the Gulf are provided with improved options and the right opportunities to grow professionally. Raeford University has officially announced to have joined hands with the Arab Women’s Association. According to the university officials, both the organizations have signed a pledge that calls for supporting women, particularly working women and entrepreneurs in the Gulf.

As part of this partnership, Raeford University and Arab Women’s Association (an advocate of women rights in the Gulf) will be providing new scholarship opportunities for women in the region. Raeford University has already been supporting women in the Gulf region through quality online education and this latest initiative will further pave way for women in becoming productive part of the region’s economy.

“Raeford University has a proven history of enriching minds with exceptional learning and development opportunities in different parts of the world. We just not only want to educate our students through advance programs, we want them to be successful and satisfied. However, frail global economy and unfortunate financial conditions sometime prevent talented students in achieving their goals. For such students, Raeford University scholarships are considered to be the most desirable form of financial aid worldwide,” said Karen Briggs, official spokesperson of Raeford University.

Raeford’s LEAD Scholarship Program has also been assisting working, single and even divorced women in their bid to accomplish higher education objectives with grace. There is a big scope of online education in the Gulf, where students, particularly women are eager to learn. This is one of the reasons why Raeford University has now collaborated with the Arab Women’s Association, as together they aim to increase their support for them on moral and financial grounds. “The idea is to empower women in the Gulf with financial assistance, making sure that they continue to inspire future generation with their skills and innovation,” added Karen Briggs of Raeford University.

As far as women in the Gulf region are concerned, they are exceptionally talented and equipped with the skills that can earn them respect in their respective fields; they just need perfect chances to make perfect choices. “When we see women in the Gulf region, they are either working or are single or divorced, which limits options for them to move ahead. However, in the recent years, many women have found their careers in media and military. Our partnership with Raeford University can help those women not only to go back to school, but also to continue their personal and professional commitments, We believe that educated women represent an educated nation” said Abeer Rafeek of Arab Women’s Association.