Rate of timely renewal of ID cards by UAE nationals reach 95%

August 6, 2014 2:26 pm

The Emirates Identity Authority disclosed a significant increase in the percentage of UAE nationals who renewed their Emirates ID cards on time. As per the latest figures available, 95% of all UAE nationals completed the renewal of their identity cards on time in the first half of the current year, reflecting wide spread awareness about the importance and benefits of the smart card.

As for the 5% of nationals who did not renew their cards on time, the Emirates ID clarified they belonged to the categories that are exempted from the process, such as those who are abroad on official work, study or medical treatment and people suffering from infectious diseases or facing legal action.

The Emirates ID reiterated its commitment to intimate all card holders about the expiry of the cards one month in advance through SMS messages. “But this may not benefit those whose telephone numbers have changed or those who did not receive the message due to various reasons. It is, therefore, imperative on all to check the date of expiry diligently to avoid delays and resultant fines. The card holder is responsible and accountable for any delay due to reasons other than the permitted ones. We call upon all card holders to take utmost care in this regard as the Emirates ID card is now a mandatory document for most of the public and private sector requirements, besides being critical for maintaining an accurate population register for the country,” the Authority said in a statement, adding that the Emirates ID gives a grace period of one month after the expiration date of the card before charging fines at the rate of Dhs20 per day up to a maximum of Dhs1000.

“With respect to the expatriate legal residents of the country, the issuance and renewal of their identity cards is linked to their residency status in the country. They are required to submit an application for the card before proceeding on the medical examination. This is the case even if they change sponsorship before the validity of the card expires,” the Authority explained.

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