Ratio of Teachers to Students Doubles over 10 years

February 27, 2014 10:42 am

A study recently released by the National Center for Statistics and Information (NCSI) reveals a dramatic increase in the number of teachers in the classroom, with the ratio of teachers to students growing from one teacher for every 19 students in 2002 to one teacher for every 10 students in 2012. With final numbers still pending from 2013, the total number of teachers in public schools rose from 30,000 in 2002 to 59,000 in 2012, while the number of students enrolled actually declined over the same period, with 578,000 enrolled in 2002 versus the 2012 total of 515,000.

The study measured the 10 year period from 2002 to the end of 2012.

The figures highlight the special emphasis placed by the government on improving educational outcomes for students and providing for a well-resourced public school system. To underline this objective, current and investment spending by the Ministry of Education has risen dramatically over the 10 year study period, going from OMR 279.8 Million in 2002 to OMR 925.2 Million in 2012, and accounting for 6.8% of total government expenditure in that year. The 2012 Ministry of Education expenditure includes OMR 59 Million for investment, which includes construction of new schools and school facilities upgrades and improvements.

According to the NCSI study, the number of general education schools in the sultanate rose from 1,019 in 2002 to 1,043 in 2012, with an additional three special education schools recorded. Meanwhile, in 2012 there were 444 private schools with 79,000 students enrolled, 39 foreign schools with 50,000 students enrolled and 95 literacy centers with 10,000 students enrolled. Additionally, there were 6 Vocational training centers with 3,000 students enrolled.