Red Sea Mall wins 2014 Pan Arab Website Award for best interactive Facebook page

May 4, 2014 4:40 pm

The Red Sea Mall has won the award for best interactive, Facebook, page in the shopping malls category in the 2014 Pan Arab Web Awards organized by The Arab Academy Awards in the Arab region on the 29th of April. The winners of the Shield Contest for Arabic Websites

During the ceremony, that was held in the Bustan Rotana Hotel Dubai Mr. Muhammad Alawi, CEO Red Sea Markets, the owner of the Mall. Received the prestigious award after competing with other leading centers from the United Arab of Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Jordan, the Lebanese Republic and The Arab Republic of Egypt.

Mr. Alawi expressed his Joy with this significant accomplishment. He pointed out that “Red Sea Mall has a popular and wide base that is not limited to the residents of the city of Jeddah. It extends to visitors from inside and outside the Kingdom, who express their admiration of the growth and expansion in the center each time. Which increases their constant interaction with us on the Mall’s Facebook Page.”

He also expressed “At its 11th Session, “The Shield Award for Arab Websites” is considered to be the biggest award that highlights the best websites in the Arab world, it is also a significant indicator of the high innovation and creativity levels that the winning centers have. With Allah’s Grace, The Red Sea Mall has proven its excellence in this area through its broad and firm presence in the social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which get a lot if interaction by the masses”

Mr. Alawi continued, “Social Media outlets have contributed to the consolidation of Red Sea Mall’s role as the most preferred shopping destination on the west coast of the Kingdom, and one of the most unique in the Arab World

These awards have been allocated by The Arab Academy Awards in the Arab region in collaboration with Microsoft and the producers of computer software Union in the Middle East 11 years ago, toward creativity prizesin web design and development and the capabilities of site owners to show their creativity through the best website contest in the Arab world

Choosing the winning website took place online through a committee of Arab and regional experts and technicians and on the basis of many standards such as the creative aspect, ease of use, the site’s structure and its interactions and the aesthetics of the visual design as well as the content. The evaluating process is based on global standards that is adopted by ESCWA, a United Nations organizations active in the Arab region.

The aim of the Arab Academy Awards in the Arab region is to serve as a source of inspiration and an archive whilst rewarding the creators on their skills in order to persevere the improvement and encouragement of the spirit of innovation among website networks designers in order to meet the international and professional standards, as well as promoting productive opportunities and intellectual development of an interactive community in the best way possible
it is worth mentioning that the Arab Academy Awards in the Arab region and its affiliates has been completed a decade of many events honoring the coronation of the most dynamic sectors and the effectiveness of the Arab world that included leading figures and administrative and government institutions, including ministries and official bodies and the banking institutions with leading and administrative figures in the banking and finance world in addition to the educational sector of the Arab region.

Red Sea Mall hosts various activities throughout the year with innovative events and campaigns being hosted each week, in health, education, and philanthropy areas, in addition to various promotional and marketing events. Red Sea Mall is committed towards the Saudi society by broadcasting and supporting the spirit of citizenship among Saudi youth and encourages them express their feelings towards the nation with their innovation and creative skills, and it allows them to display their innovation and creativity in the fields of art, design and other fields through events that attract visitors and invite them to support their ambitions and goals in life

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