Red Sea Mall wins two CMO Asia Awards in Singapore

September 4, 2014 4:32 pm

Red Sea Mall in Jeddah continued its remarkable endeavor after winning two CMO Asia awards for Marketing Excellence during the annual ceremony at Singapore city on the 31st July 2014 for Best Marketing and Promotion Campaign and Best CSR Practices.

The mall earned the first award for its excellence in marketing and promoting Neuro Land activities inside the mall, which comprised of high-tech toys for children and elders. The other award was earned for the mall’s ‘Iftar AlKhair’ campaign, which was organized during the holy month of Ramadan for more than 200 orphans.

“We add these two prestigious awards to our qualitative achievements that confirm the mall’s position shopping and entertainment industry at the Kingdom and region’s levels,” stated Mr. Mohammad Alawi, Chief Executive Officer of markets that own the Red Sea Mall.

Mr. Alawi clarified, “The mall is considered the main destination for entertainment in Jeddah for the whole year and during different holidays’ seasons. Thus, the mall became a tourist attraction for all family members who come from inside and outside Jeddah. Red Sea Mall’s excellence stems from being more than a shopping and entertainment spot, as it supports national events, and has entrenched itself as a home to local youth creations and a starting point for Saudi talents, where youngsters are being embraced and given spaces are unleash their creativity and innovation.”

Winner’s selection committee CMO Asia awards follow careful assessment process and strict standards; since the focal point is the quality of the brand and its pervasion, as well as consumers’ extent to accept it.

In addition to being the leader in shopping and entertainment in Saudi Arabia, health, social, charitable and entertainment activities at Red Sea Mall are non-stop as part of its efforts in Kingdom’s sustainable development and spread and support the spirit of citizenship among young people in Saudi Arabia. This is in addition to the wide variety and sheer number of global distinctive brands it contains, and the unlimited activities the Mall holds throughout the year.