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Rocket bungee to rock The Pearl-Qatar this weekend

April 30, 2014 10:00 am

Following two successful free fall jump events and due to public demand, The Pearl-Qatar is once again bringing thrill to fans of extreme sports with the rocket bungee jumping activity.

Organized by Xploriders and sponsored by the Pearl-Qatar, the event will run this weekend from 4 p.m. till 8 p.m. Thursday, followed by full days on Friday and Saturday. A 70 meter crane will be perched in the open area near the entrance to the Island, and will be used for the free fall following the shoot off from the ground. Tickets are sold at Virgin Megastore’s stores around Qatar or through their online portal.

The event like its predecessors promises a unique experience along with magnificent views and music entertainment. With rocket bungee being held for the first time at The Pearl-Qatar, it is yet a more extreme bungee jumping experience awaiting thrill-seeking enthusiasts.

A spokesperson for Xploriders, organizer of the event, said, “We are glad to be partnering with The Pearl-Qatar again on ‘once in a lifetime’ types of experiences. The Island with its open spaces and picturesque surroundings is the perfect location to feel what it’s like to take to the air like a bird.”

Rocket Bungee is a reverse bungee jump starting with the person being attached to the ground and wearing a body harness with the bungee rope tying him to a steel cage. As the cage approaches an elevated height mark, the elastic is stretched to its limits until the guide unhooks the jumper from the ground and shoots him off like a rocket. Then, comes the experience of the free fall as the person will be swinging back and forth until coming to a standstill as the cage descends back to the ground.

Regularly scheduled events play an integral role in The Pearl-Qatar’s reputation as a lifestyle destination. They highlight the Island’s positioning as a major urban mixed-use development in Qatar, and that it is at once a popular Island resort bringing the ambiance and lifestyle of the Mediterranean to the heart of Arabia.


Mohamed Al Fatih Ahmed
Senior Media Coordinator
Corporate Communications Department
T (+974) 44098530