Royal Bahrain Hospital celebrates its third anniversary

March 23, 2014 1:56 pm

In the statement delivered at the gathering which took place in Al Bender Hotel and Resort, the President of Royal Bahrain Hospital (RBH) Mr. Ahmed Jawahery expressed his deep gratitude to the consultants, doctors, the medical team and all the supporting staffs for their dedication and commitment to the hospital standing and success during the past years which enabled the hospital to be a pioneer in all specialties that it provides to the public, and in this aspect he thanked the hospital staffs, each one in his or her duty for providing excellence. Mr. Jawahery also highlighted the great trust the public has entrusted to Royal Bahrain Hospital- RBH which has undoubtedly achieved it excellence in the medical fields that is provides, not at the level of Bahrain but also at the GCC level.

He also pointed out the recent achievement of accreditation by the International Australian Council of Health Service (ACHSI), an achievement that reiterates the commitments of the hospital to outstanding quality in health services and the strict adherence to all standing protocols in providing treatment and medical services.

In this aspect, Mr. Ahmed Jawahery said to RBH’s commitment and strive towards further excellence does not stop here and he requested all the consultants and medical team to continue their efforts to achieve further improvement in the medical service that the hospital provides.

From a different prospective, Mr. Jawahery pointed out the strict adherence to all procedures and standing protocols approved by the National Regulatory Authority for Health services in Bahrain and requested all concerned to further support their dialogue and interactions with the Regulatory Authority to achieve unique excellence in this interaction and to support the Authorities strides in the private health service. He also thanked the Authority’s to continue follow up with RBH on all issues that will further support the hospitals services.

It’s worthwhile mentioning that the RBH provides 23 different specializations and 60 hospitalization beds and is located in Salmaniya next to the Salmaniya medical complex and the hospital was inaugurated on 15th January 2011, and provides state of art technologies and medical facilities, with professional teams of Doctors.

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