RTA hosts international expert to empower employees to deliver superior services

April 7, 2014 11:07 am

The Human Resources and Development Department, Administrative Corporate Support Services Sector, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), has organized a lecture entitled ‘Secrets of Superior Service,’ delivered by the renowned world expert Mr. Ron Kaufman, who is one of the best 25 speakers, trainers, advisors and thought-leaders worldwide. He is an author of several books in service provision, self-development and positive energy among other fields.

Kawthar Kazim, Director of RTA Human Resources and Development, reaffirmed RTA’s keenness to hone capabilities & skills of all employees, not only customer service employees, in order empower them to provide best-in-class services starting from domestic inter-employees service and finishing up with services offered to the public as well as RTA customers spanning all community segments. “This workshop, she added, is part of a series of workshops discussing positive energy, which is catalyst for providing sterling services to all customer categories,” she addd.

“Excelling in service provision is one of the key objectives that we always strive to realize at all RTA’s agencies and sectors since our tasks are based on delivering services at world-class standards to our clientele including public transport passengers & recipients of our diverse services, which have become a distinctive feature of Dubai emirate. Therefore, we are very keen to organize such lectures, and having them delivered by the most prominent international speakers,” she concluded.

The international expert Ron Kaufman delivered a suspenseful, interesting lecture, featuring active participation from RTA’s male & female employees; and has significantly helped in communicating the required information to the audience who interacted with the lecturer as well as with each other, thus creating a wonderful and energetic atmosphere.

Kaufman said, “Excelling in service delivery means keeping services on the up. The service delivery levels, be it among employees or services on offer to the public, can be divided into basic, expected, required, amazing and unbelievable services. Since the RTA is a service entity that provides public transport and a diverse array of services, its employees had to take the pains of putting excellent performance characterized by high positive energy since it is the vital driving force for progress and advancement.”

The expert Ron Kaufman also touched on other key points such as learning the basics of superior service, taking sound procedures to improve the service, achieving new levels of customer satisfaction, loyalty, and happiness, besides building additional customer loyalty to the organization, attracting new customers through word-of-mouth, and establishing channels of communication and a common language with the customers. The lecturer cited other success stories & experiences to inspire and motivate employees, and concluded by an adage; if you want to receive the best service, be the best customer.

For their part, RTA’s male & female employees paid tribute to the high-level lecture, which spread positive energy among all attendees and covered a host of key issues & topics directly related to their daily business.

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