Ruler of Fujairah inaugurates the 2nd Emirates-German Medical and Health Economics Conference

February 2, 2014 12:15 pm

His Highness Sheikh Hamad Bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Fujairah inaugurates the Second Emirates-German Medical and Health Economics Conference, held under the patronage of His Highness at Siji Al- Diyar Hotel in Fujairah with the participation of a group of prominent doctors & specialists in both UAE & Germany.

The events of the 2nd Emirates-German Medical and Health Economics Conference, which is organized by Al Sharq Hospital held in Fujairah Emirate for three days, from 2nd to 4th of February 2014.

The Participants of the conference will address many different topics relevant to many pathological conditions, as well as presentations and discussions of research & scientific studies. The Conference also discussed the treatment methods, diagnostic techniques, the latest technologies and the medical & professional practices.

In his opening speech, Dr.Abdul Hamid Sinan, General Manager of Al Sharq Hospital, said: “A group of prominent doctors & experts participated in this conference in order to enhance access to medical and scientific studies at the major German Medical Universities. This conference is a perfect platform for the meeting of doctors and specialists to cooperate and exchange of views & in medical achievement, and to provide suitable suggestions for treatment of many different diseases”.

The conference comes in the context of a series of activities and events which is designed to update the participants about the latest developments and innovations in the medical field, and to develop the capacity, knowledge and doctors performance who are working in Fujairah in order to provide the best medical services for patients & community.

Dr. Sinan added: “The conference hosts elite doctors from Germany to deliver valuable lectures. Also many doctors in various hospitals and health institutions operating in UAE will participate in the conference, and the participants will be given certificates and credit hours approved by UAE Ministry of Health”.

The conference aims to provide medical workers with modern information and exchange of experience and ideas to identify the scientific developments in this field as reflected in the practice of medical work. The conference sessions will focus on the latest techniques and the developed therapeutic methods in order to facilitate doctors and medical cadre to take advantage of the experience of others.

In a related context Prof. Christian Jurgens, General Director of one the largest traumatic centers in Europe, said: “we are delighted to participate in this conference which will establish a new phase of medical cooperation with a group of elite doctors in UAE, under the accelerated progress in various medical sciences, the organization such as conferences, scientific and medical workshops are necessary, because of their positive impact on the level of medical services. The medical conferences are gaining great importance because of the continuous need to communicate and exchange the experiences among workers in the medical field both locally and globally in order to develop their performance and provide them with modern information.”
The conference will discuss a number of relevant topics, including general surgery, liver surgery, lung surgery, stomach and intestines cancer, breast cancer, and surgical orthopedic methods, urology and gynecology.
The conference also aims at promoting the investment opportunities in the health sector in the UAE in general, and particularly the UAE East Coast region, hence UAE has become a global center in implementing the projects related to medical and therapeutic tourism. Recent statics indicates that the investments on the UAE healthcare sector will reach up to 11 billion dollars (40 billion Dirhams) in the year 2015. Meanwhile these investments are expected to increase up to 20% during year 2015 and with increase up to 35% until the year 2020.

Emad Dwekat