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Samsung Electronics Levant launches ‘Search for the Original’ campaign

February 12, 2014 10:45 am

Samsung Electronics announced the launch of “Search for the Original” campaign in Jordan, to raise awareness on the importance of using original mobile phone accessories, and to encourage consumers to search for the original accessories by looking for Samsung’s Gold Official seal.

This campaign stems from Samsung’s belief, in providing the ultimate user experience for its products and to increase the Jordanian users’ knowledge of original accessories benefits and highlight the damage caused by low quality counterfeit accessories. Affirming the availability of Samsung Electronics original accessories featuring the “Gold Seal” in all mobile phones distributors’ shops in Jordan.

Mr. Fadi Abu Shamat, Head of Corporate Marketing at Samsung Electronics Levant, commented on the campaign, by saying: “Samsung Electronics Levant launched his campaign, to protect its consumers and their devices from the damage caused by using non-original accessories, and ensure the optimal Samsung experience.”

“The use of accessories that carry the golden label confirm their authenticity and compatibility with Samsung Electronics mobile phones,” he added.

Samsung Electronics Levant highlighted “Search for the original” campaign on different channels and on its various social media channels.


Maha AlRawashdeh
Media Director
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