Samsung Electronics Levant launches WW8000 Crystal Blue washing machine in Jordan

August 23, 2014 11:52 am

Samsung Electronics Levant, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, announced the launch of its washing machine WW8000 in the Jordanian market, the new washing machine offers families with high performance, energy efficiency and laundry care, all housed in an elegant crystal blue design.

Mr. Bumsuk Hong, President of Samsung Electronics Levant, commented on the launch by saying: “Samsung is aware of the importance in innovation in technology and Home appliances, which helps elevate consumers in their daily lives – to accomplish household chores with ease”,

“Samsung’s WW8000 washing machine offers high performance in cleaning and maintaining fabrics, in addition to its ability to lower water and electricity consumption by reducing washing cycles, due to the large capacity. As this considered an important factor Jordanian families consider while choosing a washing machine,” he added.

Samsung’s WW8000 washing machines are designed to provide more comfort and ease to consumers through its ability to clean fabrics quickly and efficiently for larger loads, with a speed of up to 1400 rpm, in addition to the big tub size, which reaches 12Kg capacity. The WW8000 features a new elegant design, with its crystal blue door which opens wider than previous models, making it easier for consumers to load and unload laundry.

The WW8000 washing machine is equipped with Eco Bubble technology with its environmentally friendly features, which consumes electricity and water effectively, in addition to the ten-year warrantee, thanks to Digital Inverter Motor from Samsung. Samsung’s digital inverter is an advanced technology which contributes to providing long-term durability. Furthermore, its engine is designed with no belt or Pulley, and a minimum number of moving parts, which leads to fewer breakdown opportunities, not to mention reduced vibration of the washing machine, effectively reducing noise level. The WW8000 washing machine has Energy Efficiency Class A+++ that saves up to 70% of energy consumption, and offers the same results while washing with cold or hot water.