Samsung launches new home appliances to create happier homes

May 26, 2014 1:27 pm

Samsung Electronics Levant, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, celebrated the launches of household appliances that provide easy, everyday ways to conserve energy, reduce water usage, and create happier homes.

Samsung Electronics Levant introduced the new range of home appliances for the Jordanian consumers in a booth located at City mall, where the organizers explained the appliances unique features.

Throughout the launch activity, Samsung Electronics Levant booth visitors enjoyed a highly interactive live show incorporating various activities and competitions with Jordanian presenter Nadia Al Zoubi, in addition to an opportunity to win valuable prizes including the new Samsung air conditioner featuring the triangle design.

Mr. Jerry Kim, Business Director of the Home Appliances unit at Samsung Electronics Levant, commented by saying: “Samsung has designed its home appliances, taking into consideration the consumers’ needs and aspirations, as we continuously design and innovate to make the daily home chores easier saving time and effort for the family”.

Samsung showcased its latest edition to the mid-high refrigerator series, Samsung’s Top Mounted Freezer RT6000 empowers users to save energy while better organizing and preserving foodstuffs.

The new RT6000, is designed for consumers who value a sleek, modern design that features functionality and durability, and will fit easily into any kitchen.

Protected with a 10-year warranty, the RT6000 features Samsung’s Digital Inverter Technology, which significantly enhances the refrigerator’s performance. The RT6000 consumes less energy by intuitively controlling its compressor speed, delivering a fresh burst of cool air only when needed. This feature enables the unit’s compressor to consume 47 percent less energy than conventional freezers, saving consumer’s money while reducing their environmental footprint.

Samsung’s WW9000 Crystal Blue washing machine, delivers an intuitive user experience. It features optimal, user-friendly laundry capabilities, which are all packaged in a new, elegant minimalist design, which fits perfectly into any home. By removing clumsy, unnecessary knobs that we have often come to expect on our appliances, Samsung has developed a washer that has a simple, streamlined design that features an intuitive5-inch color Full Touch Screen that lets users take care of household chores with ease and speed. The WW9000 is powered by Samsung’s Digital Inverter Motor, which comes with a 10-year warranty, and is designed to optimize energy efficiency.

Samsung’s new AR7000 Air Conditioner, is engineered to deliver exceptional cooling, comfort and hygienic benefits. Housed in a striking triangular design, the AR7000 delivers exceptional performance by circulating cool air faster and farther.

The new AR7000 air conditioner also features Samsung’s energy efficient Digital Inverter Technology, which consistently maintains the desired temperature without constantly shutting off and on. It also features Samsung’s exclusive S-Plasma Ion (Virus Doctor), an innovative air purifying technology that neutralizes harmful contaminants in the air. Virus Doctor, along with Samsung’s Easy Filter feature, eliminates dust, dangerous airborne contaminants and allergens. These technologies protect users from harmful bacteria and viruses, including the Influenza A and corona viruses, improving the home’s air quality and keeping families safe.