Samsung showcases revolutionary E-Board at GESS

March 4, 2014 2:01 pm

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, took the stage at Gulf Education Supplies and Solutions (GESS) Exhibition showcasing a range of SMART learning solutions along with some of its partners which have been implemented across the Gulf region.

Samsung’s Smart School Solution provides a rich yet economical classroom experience. It fosters a rich collaborative experience amongst students and teachers while driving down operational costs. At the heart of Samsung’s Classroom Interactive Management Solution is the e-board which comes with embedded touch technology and full HD resolution. Samsung MagicIMS (Interactive Management Solution) and Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) software technologies, enables students and teachers to participate in interactive lessons, intuitively access range of contents, take digital notes and save class work for later use. The IWB S/W includes a writing-on-the-board function and inter-locked multimedia functions. The Samsung Smart School Solution including the IWB provides a modern dynamic educational experience for superior learning.

“We know that when our children are engaged, they perform better and retain information longer. That’s why today’s educators are trying to enrich the learning experience with technologies & solutions that drive participation,” Mr. Madhav Narayan, Senior Regional Director, GCC, Enterprise Business, Samsung Gulf Electronics said. “The solutions that we’re presenting at GESS are accessible and easy-to-use, and they empower everyone in the classroom to ask more questions, make more exchanges, and, ultimately, learn more. So, while most of the education sector takes a one-size fits all approach to IT, Samsung is leveraging its scale and its partnerships to empower real educators and their students.”

The Magic IWB 3.0 would be demonstrated at GESS. It is a high impact presentation solution for collaborative and interactive educational environment. It is Samsung’s new release of the complete Smart Class solution comprising of Magic IWB (Interactive White Board), MagicIMS (Interactive Management Solution) and the MagicIMS Agent. The Magic IMS Agent provides touch sensitive optical technology, enabling interaction between the e-board and PCs/tablets of teachers and students supporting multiple operating systems.

Powered by the ‘New Learning Experience’, a brand platform that champions personalized learning experiences, Samsung’ education solutions have helped create more interactive and intuitive learning experiences across the Gulf.

Samsung’s range of learning solutions has been developed through a rich ecosystem of partnerships with content providers. Recently, the consumer giant joined forces with publishing house Kalimat Group, to deliver Arabic-centric learning to classrooms across the region. An educational software platform, Horouf approaches Arabic-language education as a holistic program of developmental materials. Through mixed media, modern content and high-resolution graphics, Horouf tightens children’s grasp of Arabic by developing their physical, sensory and intellectual skills.

This year’s GESS Exhibition follows the anniversary of Samsung’s partnership with the UAE’s ‘Smart Learning’ initiative, the flagship of the Ministry of Education and an employer of Samsung’s digital convergence technologies.

The GESS Exhibition is taking place at Dubai World Trade Center from the 4th until the 6th March 2014.