Saudi Nova water manufacturer installs fastest pet lines from Sidel in world

July 21, 2014 2:29 pm

To adjust to the growing demand on bottled water in Saudi market, Health Water Bottling Company (HWB), a leading bottled water supplier in Saudi Arabia which produces water under the Nova brand name, has recently acquired 2 complete PET lines from Sidel which will boast one of the fastest turnover rates in the world. With the new technologically advanced line, which embraces the last generation of Sidel Matrix equipment, HWB will be producing PET water bottles in 330ml and 600ml formats at a speed of 134,000 bottles per hour by February 2015.

Sustain industry-leading position
In recent years, demand for bottled water, both still and carbonated, in the Saudi Arabian market has risen drastically and is forecasted to grow even further in future years. Off-trade sales volume of bottled water rose 52.4% between 2007 and 2012, growing from 1,063 to 1,620 million liters sold, and has come close to surpassing even carbonates sales. The increase in demand has been attributed to the growing population of Saudi Arabia. The nation recorded a 2% increase in population in 2011 and water, being a necessity good, drove the demand of bottled water up.

In light of the increasing demand, the turnout rate of bottles for Nova is crucial. Sidel’s leading technology in PET line solutions will allow them to stay at the forefront of those figures by boasting its annual water production capacity with additional 134,000 bottles per hour in order to sustain its industry-leading position.

Sidel chosen to be the unique supplier for the new HWB complete line
During the 15-year relationship between the two companies, HWB has purchased different equipment from Sidel, ranging from blowing machines, to fillers and other individual parts. The company was looking for one reliable turnkey solutions provider for a complete line and they selected Sidel because of its expertise in engineering know-how and the high performance of its equipment and services.

“We have been using Sidel’s equipment in our lines for many years now and have consistently been satisfied with their service and after-sales support. We have decided that, due to their superior knowledge and technical capabilities, Sidel would be the best option for us in terms of a complete line,” said Harry Nowers, Plant Manager at Health Water Bottling Company.

A technologically advanced production line
Equipped with the latest proven modular generation of PET bottling equipment, the Sidel Matrix system offers a higher level of performance, very fast changeover times, greater oven efficiency and improved uptime.

HWB will benefit from the integrated blow-fill-cap solution of the Sidel Matrix Combi. Because of the neck-handling and positive transfer of bottles between blow-moulding and filling, the Sidel Matrix Combi is not bound by the limitations imposed by air conveyors. It will offer HWB greater shape design freedom and the ability to package lightweight bottles at high speeds. Moreover, its overall efficiency, compact size, ergonomic design, easy maintenance and lower energy consumption will all contribute to real cost reduction for HWB.

“Given the large increase in demand for bottled water in Saudi Arabia, there is now a huge opportunity for water providers in the area and we believe that Nova has definitely made a good choice by selecting the Matrix Combi which will offer great production efficiency and potential bottle lightweighting possibilities. We are committed to providing our customers with reliable and innovative technology and are glad to see that our Saudi-based team is striving to uphold that commitment,” said Nicola Barusi, Regional Commercial Manager for Sidel in Saudi Arabia.

Based on a 50-year experience in blowing and a 40-year one in PET, Sidel will also support HWB to reach a very high level of bottle quality due to its blowing process expertise and a much more energy efficient process. “Our mission is to constantly push the limits of technology and provide unique and innovative solutions for our customers, and we have definitely demonstrated that with this piece of machinery. We are very proud to have our name on one of the fastest lines in the industry,” said Andrea DelGrosso, Regional Commercial Director for Sidel.

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