Saudi Pharmaceutical holds convention on cardiovascular diseases and related health problems

March 18, 2014 12:44 pm

The second version of Tabuk Cardiovascular Convention (2ndTCC) created a think tank for discussing the current scenario of cardiovascular diseases that are prevalent in the MENA region. The Convention peeped into the challenges being faced by modern cardiologists and the latest advancements in the field of cardiology.

Being one of a kind event across the Middle-East North-Africa region, the TCC was completely lead by and dedicated to the physicians although it was organized by Tabuk Pharmaceuticals, a Saudi pharmaceuticals company. 2nd TCC kick started on March 14, 2014 in Colombo, Sri Lanka, and gave a golden opportunity to the experts to come together and discuss issue of great importance.

A number of prominent speakers talked about key cardiovascular issues such as- “Cardiovascular disease in the developing world: prevalence, patterns, and The potential for early disease detection”; “Focus on HDL elevation or further LDL lowering?”; “Diabetes Mellitus & Cardiovascular Disease”; “2013 ACC/AHA Guidelines on reducing LDL-C and atherosclerotic cardiovascular risk in adults”, etc.

TCC played a significant role in raising awareness on the dangers and implications of the cardiovascular conditions in MENA region while fostering collaboration among KOLs to help curb the CVD (Cardiovascular Diseases) burden in the region by sharing the latest knowledge and insights.

Dr. Haitham Baghdadi, M.D., Corporate Medical Affairs Manager, Tabuk Pharmaceuticals, confirmed, “In the MENA region, 45 % of total deaths are caused by coronary artery disease where dyslipidemia is the single largest cardiovascular disease risk factor and high blood pressure is the second leading cause of death and disability in this region. Therefore, TCC experts highlighted these serious problems and recommended effective methods of improving cardiovascular patients care which can help them in maintaining healthier hearts and having better lives.”

Talking about the part of Tabuk Pharmaceuticals, Mr. Faisal Albashr, Corporate Communication Manager, mentioned, “Tabuk Pharmaceuticals, as a leading Saudi pharmaceutical company, has always acted as a strategic partner in enhancing knowledge transfer and improving patient care. TCC testifies this fact. Moreover, our role is not only limited to providing medicines but is also extended to making significant contributions in education and awareness. ”

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