Saudi Third Paints & Colors conference kicks off

May 1, 2014 10:36 am

The Saudi Third Paints & Colors conference kicked off in Jeddah organized by Al-Jazeera Paints and witnessed the participation of 33 researchers, experts and specialists along with more than 500 engineers, consultants and construction stakeholders. The conference continues for three days.

Preserving the environment and public health issues dominated the activities of the conference in light of mounting alarms by the World Health Organization (WHO) point that possibility increasing of cancer among paints applicators in environmentally irresponsible paints by 30% compared to ordinary ones. Along that, the contribution of modern roads paints in safety and security and minimizing the average of painful accidents on the main and secondary roads & streets inside and outside the cities.

Eng. Nasser bin Mohammad Al-Rumaih, Al-Jazeera Paints Deputy General Manger, noted, “The conference’s pillars include “Colors, Paint Technology and Green Buildings.” He further noted, “There are 33 working papers presented during the conference over 6 scientific sessions, two sessions everyday which point to the expansion of the 3rd conference compared to the first two conferences both in quality and in quantity.”

On this occasion, he stressed, “The company march towards preserving the environment is ongoing and extended to the roads by manufacturing a paint that is environmentally responsible and designed especially for the roads. The new product has an exceptional characteristics that can’t be found in any other roads paints in regard to its ability to be seen during day time and being reflected during night time which minimize the maintenance works and prolongs its service compared to other road paints which require maintenance and repaint in a short period of time.”

He stressed on the important role played by roads paints in regard to safety and security and in minimizing the averages of painful accidents on the main and secondary roads inside and outside of cities. He further added, “The importance of (Al-Jazeera Afro) is not limited to traffic safety and security but extends to the safety and preservation of the environment as being a water base environmentally responsible paint that plays a prominent role in the safety of lives, vehicles and the environment all at once.”

Al-Rumaih explained, “The new product from Al-Jazeera Paints (Afro) is designed especially for the roads and is considered as the best according to Federal Specification number TT-P-1952E type III in regard to clarifying roads marks and limit their lanes before vehicles drivers. Its importance is manifested in its ability to reflect light, and in its stability on the road for longer period of times without losing their qualities of being clear during the day time and reflection during night time thus helping to allow for enough vision distance to avoid traffic accidents.”

He added, “The tests proved that (Al-Jazeera Afro) paint designed especially for the roads is the best in all these concerns from any other paint according to Federal Specification number TT-P-1952E type III. He cited that the product allows the road to be on service during a very short period of time in addition to its ability to prevent traffic jams on the roads as a result of maintenance works.”

He described (Al-Jazeera Afro) as a durable 100% acrylic water base paint that is especially manufactured with cross-linking technology to provide high durability. The new product dries quickly and gives a solid coherent layer with glass pebbles after its dryness. It also has a strong adhesion qualities on asphalt and concrete surfaces.

From his side Eng. Abdullah Almughrabi from Al-Jazeera Paints talked, in his working paper presented before the conference about the ability to obtain roads paints that are highly effective, easy to use and apply, environmentally responsible with reasonable cost at the same time. He talked about the risk of using traditional roads paints (Thermoplastic) as they require very high temperature during application in addition to difficulties in reapplying them compared to water base and environmentally responsible paints which provide safe application environment and easy to reapply while preserving the glass pebbles which allow for the reflection of the light and consequently ease to limit the roads marks.

Eng. Nawras Alrimawi, Al-Jazeera Paints Academy Director pointed out, “In his working paper presented in the conference, to the risk of the environmentally irresponsible paints and the scope of its impact on the health of people and sustainability of the environment.” He presented data issued by the World Health Organization that points possibility increasing of cancer among paints applicators with environmentally irresponsible paints by 30% more than ordinary people. He believed that the terms and conditions of regarding paints as sustainable and environmentally responsible such as high quality and value, free of certain chemical components in addition to reasonable cost as positive. He also cited to the international terms and conditions for sustainable and environmentally responsible paints such as the LEED terms and how to connect them with the real life when planning to purchasing paints and executing them.

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