SEDCO Holding Group showcases its CSR visionary roadmap ‘Towards Sustainability’ at Dar Al-Hekma University

January 12, 2015 4:41 pm

SEDCO Holding Group presented its ‘Towards Sustainability’ CSR umbrella during the annual business and law faculty week held at Dar Al-Hekma University and organized by the Economy and Finance faculty. The presentation underlined the Group’s major achievements since its launch in 1976 in the fields of commerce and investment, and focused on its sustainability and CSR platform.

SEDCO Holding Group CSR platform stands on 3 main pillars – “Our Environment, Our People, Our Community”- which aim to strengthen the ties within its Group and promote loyalty through diligent and responsible behavior towards their working environment and their society.

The presentation demonstrated a set of initiatives under each pillar, developed by SEDCO Holding Group. Under ‘Our People’, fall volunteerism, development and health programs with for instance “Be Healthy”. The latter comprises several health-related and sporting events such as the “SEDCO Football Cup”, “It’s better to take the stairs” and “Mezan Alkhair”, a charitable weight loss campaign. Other remarkable initiatives were designed to promote volunteerism such as “Volunteer your Skills”, while the “Tawasul” program supports fostering interactions among the Group’s colleagues at various events and the “Injaaz” program evaluates performance and builds capacity. Among its most rewarding programs, “Employee of the Month” serves as an incentive for outstanding achievements alongside the “SEDCO Group Stars” created to spur high performing employees with the potential to quickly climb the employment ladder.

With ‘Our Environment’, SEDCO Holding Group proved its driven sense of responsibility towards the environment and the society. It focuses on launching afforestation, recycling and awareness campaigns through preserving water and electricity. The pinnacle of achievements lies in the persuasion to having ecofriendly buildings. In addition, taking part of “Earth Hour”.

Under its “Our Community” pillar, the company played a prominent role in presenting the “Riyali” financial literacy program, delivering significant impact on youth and children as it enabled them with improved financial habits, budgeting and saving essentials alongside several efforts in serving the community serviced by the group’s operating companies and Salem Bin Mahfouz Foundation.

By the end of the presentation, the undergrads were sufficiently impressed to ask whether they could implement these initiatives themselves, namely the recycling program.

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