SEHA Leadership Programme welcomes first graduates

April 13, 2014 10:29 am

SEHA, the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, held a graduation ceremony for 22 of its UAE national senior managers. The individuals involved form the first cohort of the company’s inaugural Senior Leadership Development and Succession Planning programme.

The ceremony was attended by the Director of the INSEAD – Abu Dhabi Campus, Professor Miguel Sousa Lobo, and the CEO of SEHA, Carl Stanifer, along with a large crowd of guests and officials.

Throughout the two-year programme, the graduates received instruction on the best practices and global applications in the field of leadership and public administration. The programme, which began in May 2012, was designed with a particular focus on developing the capacity of senior managers to lead initiatives within SEHA across various fields, including nursing, operations, finance, HR, IT, engineering, construction, and PR.

Some of the graduates have been involved in overseas secondments and consequently received further skills training, which has helped them acquire a deeper understanding of healthcare management-level knowledge which they have brought back to apply within SEHA’s HealthSystem facilities.

A number of the graduates have now moved into senior positions within SEHA and the first cohort will be followed by a new cohort of SEHA senior leaders. This was driven by the company’s core belief that learning and continuous improvement is important for the development of UAE nationals, and will lead them to expand their knowledge and skills, which will enable them to carry out their duties and responsibilities even more efficiently.

Rashid Al-Qubaisi, Executive Director at SEHA stated that the company treats the development of UAE nationals and the qualification of promising leaders as a priority, in accordance with the comprehensive development plans adopted by the Abu Dhabi Government, which have enabled it to occupy international standing in the field of human development.

Al-Qubaisi continued: “SEHA is keen to provide every opportunity for its staff to enhance their skills, increase their educational qualifications, and receive the required training at the world’s most prestigious specialised universities and colleges. This will have the greatest impact on their personal development, which will contribute to the company’s progress and the development of the UAE.

Al-Qubaisi also stated that the 22 graduates received specialised support in order to enhance their skills and qualify them according to their individual functional needs and requirements, and in line with SEHA’s strategy. During the programme, they undertook a variety of development activities including executive coaching, mentoring, personal assessment and skills training. Each of these skills was developed in such a way as to support the development of competencies as outlined by government entities in Abu Dhabi. This reflects the government’s commitment to supporting talent and continuing to develop it in order to reinforce the management infrastructure at the highest levels of government.

Al-Qubaisi further mentioned that INSEAD is one of the leading schools supporting the programme in high-level education and training. This contributes to the strengthening of the students’ abilities and their potential, qualifies them for advancement and development in their respective fields, and helps make them distinctive and creative leaders. SEHA aims to have a distinguished and innovative team that is capable of dealing with the responsibilities and burdens of the job assigned to them.

Professor Miguel Sousa Lobo stated that INSEAD is committed to consolidating its excellent relationship with SEHA and providing educational and training programmes for executives who wish to join the school. Furthermore, programmes created are in line with SEHA’s strategy and help to stimulate innovation in daily work.

Lobo added that INSEAD offers a range of graduate programmes in business administration and executive business management, which attract over 1,000 enrolees every year, in addition to executive education programmes that are directed to skill development of Executive Directors and CEOs.These programmes attract 9,500 enrolees every year.

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