SEHA re-launches its successful awareness campaign, ‘My Medication in Ramadan’

June 25, 2014 3:04 pm

The campaign rolls out every year during Ramadan to increase public awareness of the need to be aware of your health status while fasting and, if taking medication, to take it in accordance with their physician’s and pharmacist’s instructions.

The campaign also aims to raise awareness among the public about the optimal use of medication during Ramadan and how to avoid any negative reactions in the use of medication during fasting. The campaign also promotes the message of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and avoiding complications that may result from fasting, particular for those who have certain diseases which may make them more vulnerable.

A team of pharmacists will be present at SEHA’s facilities to communicate with the public, especially those with medical issues, answer their queries and introduce them to the best ways of taking their medication during Ramadan. The team will also be available to inform the public on how to safely adjust medication intake times.

‘My Medication in Ramadan’ focuses on essential health topics for people with diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma and epilepsy, as well as pregnant and lactating women. It covers topics about dehydration, fluid loss, thyroid gland disorders, and other health issues that need care and attention during the fasting period. The campaign will continue throughout Ramadan at all SEHA hospitals and clinics across the emirate.

SEHA Group Manager of Marketing and Communications Salama Al Mazrouei said, “The goal of SEHA’s Ramadan campaign is to educate the public on how to enjoy Ramadan in good health, and enable patients who suffer from certain diseases that need attention and care during the fasting period to navigate Ramadan without distress.”

“These campaigns will be supported by the SEHA’s hospitals and clinics, with many activities and events that contribute to the delivery of messages to the public. Brochures will be distributed to raise awareness.

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