SEHA’s PaLMS organises educational awareness programme – Medical Laboratory Professionals Week

May 27, 2014 10:01 am

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Services (PaLMS), a part of the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), has organised a campaign to mark the worldwide celebration of the Medical Laboratory Professionals Week, which took place from 18-22 May, 2014. The campaign aims to educate members of the community on the important roles played by laboratory professionals.

The campaign activities included raising awareness for the nursing team and physicians working within local hospitals and clinics regarding the pre-analytical and phlebotomy process and troubleshooting. The campaign also enlightened physicians with regard to the most common errors which lead to misordering lab tests, or difficulties in retrieving lab results.

One of the most prominent activities that enhanced the engagement of the public during the campaign was the free glucose screening programme for visitors of SEHA’s Health System facilities. The facilities involved included Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (SMKC), Mafraq Hospital, Al Rahba Hospital, Tawam Hospital, Al Ain Hospital, Al Gharbia Hospitals, along with other clinics and medical centres. In addition, awareness campaigns and free screenings have been held in both Al Wahda Mallin Abu Dhabi and Al Ain Mall in Al Ain.

The Medical Laboratory Professionals Week also included a series of various activities, including tours to the central pathology laboratories of both Tawam Hospital and SKMC, as well as video presentations showcasing the level of technological progress achieved by the lab team.Open meetings were also held between doctors and lab professionals and interesting medical cases and issues were discussed.

Nicholas Paul Champness, CEO of PaLMS, stated, “Medical Laboratory Professionals Week is all about acknowledging and celebrating the significant contribution pathology staff make to our community.”

“PaLMS lab professionals represent a team of over 730 dedicated pathologists, clinical scientists, expert technologists, phlebotomists and support staff. These trusted staff play a vital role in the diagnosis and prevention of diseases. They form an important part of SEHA’s Health System and offer their services meticulously and rapidly,” continued Champness.

He explained that pathology staffcontribute to the enrichment and development of the healthcare sector. These professionals often work behind the scenes, and not many members of the public realise the importance of the efforts they exert through their practise, which requires high accuracy and broad technical expertise.

“The medical laboratories’ vocation is extremely important to the daily operational processes within hospitals and medical centres. These labs contribute to saving patients’ lives and reducing hospital stay time, as well as managing healthcare costs in general,” added Champness.

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Services’s central laboratories are accredited by the College of American Pathologists, and possess fully automated analysers for chemistry, and Haematology. More than one million tests are performed each month for patients of SEHA facilities.

SEHA laboratories enjoy extensive experience and have great healthcare accessibility. PaLMS lab professionals always ensure retrieval of medical test results within an appropriate time frame and in a cost-effective manner, in accordance with the best international standards for patient care.

PaLMS was created early 2013, by amalgamating all of the laboratories within SEHA facilities, with the aim of unifying and coordinating the functions of pathologists and laboratory technicians under one united network. This was intended to provide high-quality clinical services quickly and accurately for all customers of SEHA Health System facilities.