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SEHHA initiative impacts 17 high school students

July 1, 2014 2:37 pm

The Department of Health Sciences (DHS) at the College of Arts & Sciences at Qatar University (QU) held a campaign event on June 23-25 to advance its initiative Sciences Education and Human Health Activity (SEHHA).

The event is the department’s second cycle of the activity which is aimed at orienting high school students on SEHHA’s role in supporting the healthcare sector in Qatar, to acquaint them on the various health sciences, and orient them on the number of career options available in the health profession.

Seventeen (17) students from international schools in Doha participated in hands-on experiments on human genetics, disease outbreaks, and Body Mass Index in the department’s laboratories, and met prospective employers at healthcare institutions in Doha such as QU’s research complex, Primary Health Care Corporation, Hamad Medical Corporation, and Biolabs Qatar. On the final day, the department celebrated the students’ experience and honored sponsors and contributors in a closing ceremony.

Commenting on the initiative and its impact, CAS Dean Dr Eiman Mustafawi, said, “CAS continues to contribute to the goals and values outlined in Qatar National Vision, the national Health Strategy and the Qatarization strategy to build the talent of young people towards their eventual entry into the labor market which has an ongoing demand for healthcare personnel in a host of disciplines.”

She added, “With committed partners such as Ooredoo, and collaboration with Qatar’s leading healthcare organizations, CAS is well-positioned to provide high school students with an invaluable opportunity to participate in SEHHA to encourage their interest in pursuing related studies at the college to prepare for a professional career in the health sciences.” “SEHHA is proving to be a success and will no doubt gain popularity throughout high schools in Doha,” she said.

Department Head Dr Asma Al Thani, said, “We are grateful to those who stand behind the new generation’s success, and who support them by directing their interest towards a career in the health sciences. We are keen to continue operating SEHHA in cooperation with well-established healthcare institutions. As our country continues to develop and progress, there will be an increasing demand for capable healthcare professionals, who are equipped with scientific know-how and experience, and through SEHHA, we are laying the foundation towards this end.”

Commenting on the initiative, DHS Biomedical Science Program director Dr Hassan Abdel-Aziz said: “SEHHA continues to offer an incredible opportunity for high school students to broaden their perception on the health sciences. We aim to empower this generation with essential qualities that facilitate the ever-increasing demands of skilled health professionals in Qatar. SEHHA is becoming a popular activity among schools, students, parents, and the wider community, and we are expecting more and more students to want to participate in this impactful initiative.”

Ooredoo who sponsored SEHHA in its first cycle, praised its effectiveness in drawing wide interest from schools and students. Director Community & Public Relations Fatima Al Kuwari, said, “Ooredoo supports a full range of activities relating to healthcare and healthy living, and we believe that, by educating the next generation about health sciences, SEHHA is engaging students’ interest in becoming the future health professionals in Qatar.”

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