Shaker Company offers customers up to 100% cash back on LG air conditioners

April 29, 2014 12:53 pm

Al Hassan Ghazi Ibrahim Shaker Company, the sole distributer for LG Air Conditioners in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced the largest promotional campaign under the umbrella of “Scratch & Cash”, which enables its customers for the first time ever to receive up to 100% cash back on any purchased LG air conditioner.

The campaign will be effective starting 24th April until the 30thof June, 2014 at all Shaker showrooms and certified dealer shops distributed across the Kingdom.

Al Hassan Ghazi Ibrahim Shaker reiterated the importance of this campaign in responding to customers’ demands for the latest LG air conditioning technology along with the opportunity to win many valuable prizes.

The campaign allows customers to receive a scratch card for each air-conditioner purchased: if 6 yellow stars are revealed, the customer retrieves 100% AC price cash back, 50% for 5 yellow stars and 5% instant cash back when receiving 4 yellow stars.

In addition the company is rewarding customers who like Al Hassan Ghazi Shaker’s Facebook page and enter the required data in the designated application available on the company’s Facebook page with 300 valuable gifts that will be distributed during the campaign duration.

Mr. Maissam Hannawi, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Al Hassan Ghazi Ibrahim Shaker Company, said, “The launch of this campaign comes in line with the pioneering role of the company in the Saudi market- earning the leading role by providing the finest, highest quality air conditioning solutions in the Kingdom, through offering optimum prices and premium after-sales service.”

Mr. Hannawi added, “The importance for all customers to take benefit of this unique campaign emphasizes on the company’s vision for constant communication and engagement with customers in the Kingdom, in line with providing desired services and quality products.”

Earlier this year, Al Hassan Ghazi Ibrahim Shaker company and LG air conditioners launched its 2014 product line-up with products that fully comply with the new (EER) rules and regulations sent by the government to reduce the level of energy consumption. Among the launched products was the new “Inverter V” air conditioner that earned 6 Stars rating by (SASO) for its high efficiency, saving up to 60% of energy consumption compared with traditional air-conditioners, reflecting the amazing results in reducing the cost of electricity consumption. In addition to providing several key benefits that include less energy consumption, larger capacity, trendy designs and its ability to secure a healthy environment through its Plasmaster Cyclotron filter that works efficiently to remove odors and smoke.

It’s worth noting that Al Hassan Ghazi Ibrahim Shaker traces its roots back to 1950, where it was one of the first companies that introduced air conditioners and appliances in the Kingdom. The company succeeded in obtaining distribution rights to many of the leading global brands. Throughout the years, Shaker Company continuedits success journey at a steady pace and a clear vision, setting a milestone and the title role in the marketing of home appliances and air-conditioning in the Kingdom. Shaker is the sole agent of LG in the Kingdom.


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