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Sidra Medical and Research Center seeks best medical talent at seventh Annual UK-Qatar Career Fair

February 17, 2014 12:00 pm

Sidra Medical and Research Center will be taking part in the Seventh Annual UK-Qatar Career Fair to identify and recruit the best young talent pursuing medical careers in UK universities to its highly sought-after and competitive Scholarship Program. As part of Sidra’s vision to develop future leaders for Qatar in the healthcare sector by empowering youth through education, the Scholarship Program currently sponsors 150 students in Qatar, 61 in the United Kingdom, 40 in the United States and one in both France and Australia.

Sidra offers a unique and unprecedented opportunity of a scholarship package that is highly attractive and financially competitive, including full tuition fees, a monthly stipend, allowances and a guaranteed job after graduation.

Giving a glimpse into how Sidra is helping her pursue a life-long dream, Dr. Bothina Ali Al Mulla said, “Sidra’s Scholarship Program is something every student wishes to qualify for. Sidra provides the students with what they need in order to have an exceptional start to their career path with a dedicated and supportive team.”

Dr. Al Mulla, currently studying to obtain her Masters in Health Management in Strategic Management and Leadership at City University in London, first heard about Sidra from the Dean of Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar during her orientation in 2007 and set her mind to achieving the stringent qualifications to join the Sidra family.

For more information please contact:
Bothina Al Naimi
Sidra Medical and Research Center
Tel: +97144042288