Siemens turns off the lights for Earth Hour

March 31, 2014 10:19 am

As individuals and companies around the world flicked their lights off for 60 minutes to celebrate Earth Hour on March 29th, 2014, Siemens in the United Arab Emirates went the extra mile and switched off the lights for 60 hours.

The external lights and the logo went dark at the Siemens Middle East headquarters in Masdar City, one of the UAE’s most sustainable buildings. It is the first LEED Platinum-certified office building in the capital city Abu Dhabi, saving nearly 50 per cent of energy consumption, compared to conventional buildings of the same size. This is due to the sustainable materials used in constructing it and the energy-efficient Siemens technology installed in it.

The lighting for the ‘Siemens’ sign on The Galleries building in Dubai was also turned off. The 60-hour shut off started at 19:00 on Thursday, March 27th and ended at 07:00 on Sunday March 30th.

Earth Hour is an annual event that started in 2007. Today, cities across the world participate in the event in a bid to save energy and celebrate their commitment to the planet. This year, the event was held for an hour on March 29th starting from 20:30.

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