Silver Tongue holds an interactive event on leadership skills

June 19, 2014 4:43 pm

Silver Tongue Communication hosted a panel discussion in Amman that brought about seven Jordanian leaders who shared their experience and insights with the participants on leadership skills.

The “Leadership Secrets from Amman” event hosted on June 3, marked the closing of a series of events organized by the Silver Tongue Communication that started in May for different levels of participants, in association with UK’s Public Speaking Academy.

Former ministers, as well as prominent leaders in the field of business and IT including Suzanne Afanah, Marwan Juma, Mustapha Tabba’, Dr. Leen Alam, Isam Abdelkhaliq, Adi Hourani, and Mohammed Turk took part in the event, where they shared and revealed their journey into the art of leadership in the 21st century.

“Our aim is to empower Jordanians through effective verbal communication methods, ground-breaking techniques and motivation”, said Lana Tabba’a, Silver Tongue Founder, while describing the public speaking event.

She said the audience who joined the event consisted of delegates who have completed both a full day intensive as well as a 3-day intensive of public speaking training.

“The audience was inspired by each panelist’s story, effectively interacted with them, asking questions on leadership and its correlation with effective and powerful communication,” she explained.

The first stage of the event included an introduction to public speaking elements and techniques, overcoming personal fear, identifying stage persona, facing the audience with confidence, pro-speaking secrets among other skills related to developing public speaking skills.

Stage two, however, tackled more progressive skills needed including pro-speaking breathing techniques and voice power, charismatic speaking, art of influence and running effective meeting and interviews towards reaching a stage of developing final speeches.

Silver Tongue is the proud partner of the UK’s Public Speaking Academy, whose trainers and speakers were in Amman to develop and enhance the skill of leadership speaking amongst Jordanians.