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Social Development Center participates in fourth annual Hamad Medical Center Career Fair

March 4, 2014 11:14 am

The Social Development Center (SDC), a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science, and Community Development, recently took part in the fourth annual Hamad Medical Center Career Fair by highlighting the importance of voluntary work in the community. The career fair took place in Hamad bin Khalifa Medical City Club Hotel last week.

SDC’s “Kafu” programme is a national campaign, first launched in 2008. It is sponsored by the Qatar Olympic Committee and Aspire, to encourage voluntary work and empower individuals and institutions to take responsibility for the nation and society as a whole.

Ms Haya Al Kawari, Volunteer Officer at SDC said, “The Social Development Center played a significant role in the Hamad Medical Center Career Fair. Through our involvement, we were able to achieve the objectives of the ‘Kafu’ programme and spread awareness about the importance of voluntary work in our community.”

Under the campaign slogan ‘What did you do today?’, the Kafu programme ran a targeted media campaign to raise awareness of the initiative, in addition to honouring volunteers through its ‘Volunteer Awards’ to further encourage young people to engage in voluntary work.

SDC also participated in the career fair through its other programs including ‘First Step’ training program that focuses on the professional development of individuals aged 18 to 30; the ‘Tanmia’ program, aimed at Small and Medium Enterprises, the programme was established to encourage Qatari individuals to build small and medium enterprises as an effective and independent way to generate income; the ‘Rasameel’ program, which offers funding support to enterprising Qataris who intend to pioneer new initiatives and business ideas; and finally the ‘Reyada’ program, the leading entrepreneurship awards program in Qatar designed to honour Qatari entrepreneurs, as well as individuals and organisations that support entrepreneurial ventures.

For further information on SDC, please contact:
Mayan Fawaz
Associate Director
T: +974 44173108 – 44173105
F: +974 44311615