The SOS Children’s Villages International and SOS Children’s Villages in Syria organizes art exhibition innovated by a group of displaced children

May 12, 2014 3:09 pm

In order to shed the light on their small dreams, and as part of its encouraging policy on motivating the children to express themselves, the SOS Children’s Villages International and SOS Children’s Villages in Syria, under the patronage of the Ministry of Social Affairs, and in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture – Directory of Fine Arts – organize an art exhibition entitled “Little Dreams”.

The exhibition is a result of affected Syrian children’s hard work in recreational art.

The opening ceremony took place on Saturday 10th May 2014 in Damascus Citadel, al-Arsh Hall, with the attendance of SOS Children’s Villages Syria board members, representatives of international, governmental, and local media organizations in Syria, and Syria’s elites and local society, who expressed their interest in children’s dreams and hopes by discussing their drawings and sculptures.

The exhibition exposed a whole month workshop that resulted with the children’s paintings and sculptures , carried out in collaboration with youth Syrian artists, supervised by the Syrian artist Dr. Ali Al-Sarmini, creating finally 15 paintings and 15 sculptures that reflect children’s dreams and aspirations.

Ms. Rasha Muhrez – Representative of the SOS Children’s Villages International in MENA, says: “We, at SOS Children’s Villages, constantly create ways to highlight the issues of the children in Syria, it is our core duty to protect children’s rights of a safe happy life and we keen on achieving it, therefore, we create set of solutions and initiatives designed to provide them with support and assistance needed. Moreover, we encourage the local society to get more involved in its contribution to embrace our children, especially during the current crisis.”

She adds: “Organizing this art exhibition reflects our believes in our children’s creativity, in which we are proud to present here in one of the most beautiful sites in Damascus to affirm our identity and belonging, and reassure that we are a cohesive society, takes care of its affected members by creating initiatives and campaigns that positively echoes the unity of our society.”

Each child participated in the exhibition to explain about their paintings and the idea behind it, expressing their hopes to go back to their lives as it used to be, and to enjoy their favorite hobbies and games with their friends and family.

Mrs. Samar Daaboul, Deputy of SOS Children’s Villages in Syria Chairwoman, gladly expresses her opinion about the exhibition by stating: “We wanted to organize this exhibition for our believe that those children need to express their feelings and what they’ve been through during this unfortunate conflict, what the child can’t express by words is able to express by all types of fine arts.”

She also added: “Starting from this great experience we will build new and proactive vision and basis to come out with solutions that will strengthen the children’s situation, to make them feel as a valuable part of their community, since they are Syria’s hope and future.”

The exhibition takes place from May 10, until May 14, 2014, from 10.00 a.m to 3.00 p.m at the Damascus’ Citadel, al-Arch Hall.

It is worth to mention that the SOS Children’s Village in Syria is a NGO working on giving a consistent loving warm homes for orphans, including supporting their rights and offering them love, security and healthy living standards. The SOS Children Villages cares of raising children in a stable environment, therefore, group of initiatives are executed to achieve this goal such as the Family Strength program, sponsoring a child program and many other.