SOS Children’s Villages in Syria distributed over 10,000 food aid baskets in different provinces

September 3, 2014 2:18 pm

SOS Children’s Villages in Syria has demonstrated its commitment to supporting Syrian children and their families affected by the unfortunate conflict in Syria through implementing various initiatives and projects as part of its Emergency Relief intervention strategic plan 2013 – 2014.

As a part of worldwide organization with a responsibility towards child protection SOS Children’s Villages Syria is uniquely poised to respond to emergency situations and humanitarian appeals by providing families with essentials and relief needs. Between January and August 2014 the organization distributed over 10,000 food aid baskets, to Internally Displaced People in Damascus & the countryside, Homs and Daraa. Each basket meets a family’s nutrition needs for containing basic foodstuff and infant milk.

“Ensuring a swift response to humanitarian and relief appeals across various provinces in Syria is a huge challenge to us as a team, however it is our duty to provide an individual’s basic living requirements,” said Nazzeh Karraz, Emergency Program coordinator for the Southern Region at SOS Children’s Villages Syria. “We take immediate action in planning and preparing distribution plans in order to reach out to as many beneficiaries as we possibly can. We create our own success story on each mission we take, which motivates us to accomplish more on future missions.”

Recently, and for the first time, SOS Children’s Villages in Syria distributed 1,500 food aid baskets in several areas in Homs, 1,000 baskets in the Old city of Homs and 500 baskets in the Karm Al Zaitoun and Al Worod areas.

“We all felt sad when we went to Homs and saw this city with no life, especially since we missed it and its people after years of not being able to visit because of the unfortunate war. What made our visit special was our ability to lend a helping hand and support people in need,” stated Obai Othman, Field Worker at SOS Children’s Villages Syria. “I really appreciate the experience I had since I believe in the importance of the humanitarian work I’m doing for the SOS Emergency Relief Program.”

In addition to the distribution process in Homs, SOS Children’s Villages Syria succeeded in distributing 5,750 food aid baskets in Damascus & the countryside, and 3,000 food aid baskets in Daraa, thereby concluding the implementation of phase 1 of the Emergency Response Program for the year 2013-2014.

SOS Children’s Villages Syria launched its Emergency Relief Program during Ramadan 2013 through the “All Together” campaign, the objective of which was to distribute more than 60,000 Iftar meals to individuals in Damascus and its countryside, Aleppo and its countryside, Swieda and Daraa. This campaign was followed by the “Eideyeh” initiative which distributed new clothing and food for more than 8,000 children in Damascus and Aleppo, as well as 4,000 milk cartons to infants in Aleppo.

SOS Children’s Villages in Syria is part of SOS Children’s Villages International, a global non-profit and non-governmental organization that provides long-term family care and safe homes for children in need. The international federation guarantees the protection of children’s rights and is committed to help them through tailor made programs, including the Child Sponsorship Program, Family Strengthening Program and other programs that are in place to help raise a child in a stable, caring environment.

Other initiatives carried out by SOS Children’s Villages Syria include:
– Distribution of 16,000 school bags to children in Syria during the “My Right to Education” campaign, in collaboration with the Syria Trust, to help children go back to school.
– Distribution of winter kits to over 20,000 families in Damascus, Aleppo, the coastal region and Daraa during the “Keep me warm” campaign. Each winter kit contained three blankets and a coat for each family member.
– In collaboration with Massar Project of The Syria Trust, launch of their very first Child Friendly Space (CFS) which is designed to provide Psycho-Social support for children who have faced difficulties as a result of the unfortunate crisis in Syria. The Child Friendly Space allows children to participate in various planned activities based on their reality and needs. These activities both strengthen values and behaviors related to the community and provide them with the necessary skills to be able to enjoy their lives normally and to concentrate on their future.

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